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Dr. Charles
Dr. Charles, Doctor
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Hi Chest pain centre of chest like something heavy sitting

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Hi Chest pain centre of chest like something heavy sitting on chest on and off over the last 3days accomdanied with numbness in jaw and arms also dizzy and blurred vision. Have been to emergency 3 times 2months ago everything normal. Stress test inconclusive as they refused to do it due to advance health directive. please help
Dear customer,
I am Dr.Charles and I’m happy to help with your question today.I need the following information from you,so that I can provide you the complete & best answer:

Are you overweight?
Have you undergone CT coronary angiography?
Does the chest pain increases with exertion?

I am online and is waiting for your reply.

Kind Regards-
Dr. Charles

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes overweight

Suffer with High bloodpressure

Pain increases with just walking and while resting

Have had a both an excercise test which was inconclusive

also hab a stress test minus the stress as the dr's where not happy with the DO NOT Resusitate order

also had a breathing test done also inconclusive as recorded about a half litre pressure normal is about 5 litres output

Dear customer,
Thanks for the valuable info you had given.I’ve taken a close look at your question & the reply and come up with the following answer:

The symptoms you are having can be due to angina.Although you have been to the ER 3 times 2 months ago & all tests were normal but the symptoms you have described now are suggestive of heart disease.

Also being overweight & having history of high blood pressure you are in high risk category to have heart disease.

Angina can be present with any of the following symptoms:

-Pain and discomfort in your chest. This pain can feel dull, heavy, tight or severe or feeling pressure on chest
-Pain and discomfort that may spread to your jaw, neck, arms, back or stomach.
-Palpitations, sweating, feeling sick or shortness of breath.
-An angina pain does not usually last long. It will usually ease within 10 minutes when you rest.
-Tingling/numbness in arm or jaw

If these symptoms develop,then you need to rush to ER for evaluation & examination as this can be due to heart disease.

Other then the tests you have already done,you need following specialized tests:

-X-ray chest
-Coronary Angiography
-Cardiac Catheterization
-C-reactive protein (CRP)
-Holter monitoring,
-Electrophysiological mapping
-Dobutamine echocardiogram stress test

Holter monitoring is required.It is a machine that continuously records the heart's rhythms.The monitor is usually worn for 24 - 48 hours during normal activity.Your doctor uses information captured on the Holter monitor's recording device to figure out if you have a heart problem.

I can understand that you already had 3 visits to the ER & tests done which were inconclusive but the symptoms you are having are typically of a heart disease & should not be ignored.I advice you to go to ER & accordingly a consultation with cardiologist will be required to know the exact underlying cause of these symptoms & then treatment will be done accordingly.

Hope this helped

Your satisfaction is my prime goal and I'm happy to answer any follow-up questions you may have.Please feel free to ask if you have any other question.

Thank you for using just answer website.

Kind Regards-
Dr Charles

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I left out the following symptoms

Lightheadedness, Confusion
Weakness continually tierd
sweating, Nasua shortness of breath.
Tingling/numbness in arm or jaw

Dobutamine echocardiogram stress test wont do due to DNR order

X-ray chest normal

Thank you for providing these additional symptoms.

These symptoms you have further described are also suggestive of heart disease.A person having such symptoms is always advised to rush to the ER for the tests & examination.

You can have the other specialized tests to know the underlying cause.So again,I advice you to go to ER & accordingly consultation with a cardiologist.

Following are the risk factors for developing blockage in arteries resulting in angina/heart disease:

-High blood pressure
-High cholesterol levels
-Cigarette smoking
-Being overweight
-Fatty diet
-Lack of exercise
-Family history

You need to loose weight as you are overweight.Reduce the amount of calories you eat.Eating 300 to 500 calories less per day should lead to a loss of between one and two pounds per week.You could start dieting. What you will have to do is keep an account of how many calories you take in each day.Cut down your calories.

Hope this helped

My main motive is your satisfaction.If you still have any questions in mind,please feel free to ask.

Thank you for using just answer website.

Kind Regards-
Dr Charles

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