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Dr. Charles
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I've had this discomfort in the upper part of my stomach and

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I've had this discomfort in the upper part of my stomach and chest for a little while now. Used to get it on and off but seems to be bothering me a lot more lately. It's kind of a dull ache, almost a weak feeling. I've noticed my left shoulder has felt a little discomfort too. It seems to bother me a little more after eating, but I still have it when I haven't eaten. My stomach also bothers me, and I have a fullness feeling in the upper part. Sometimes when I'm lying down I can feel my heart beating. I'm obviously concerned about heart problems, although unsure if it's just acid reflux. Should I be getting to a doctor right away or am I worrying too much? I am overweight, but have no family history of heart problems and am 32.
Dear customer,
I am Dr.Charles and I’m happy to help with your question today .I need the following information from you,so that I can provide you the complete & best answer:
Do you have any known medical illness?
Is there any radiating pain in left arm?
Does the chest pain increases with exertion?
Have you undergone any tests so far?
I am online and is waiting for your reply.
Kind Regards-
Dr. Charles
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

1) I do not have any known medical illness.

2) I wouldn't call it pain but my left arm does have a weakness to it that is very mild

3) No, the chest pain doesn't increase with exertion

4) I have not gone through any tests. About 3 years ago I had something similar and went to the ER. They ran bloodwork, an X-Ray, and one of those tests where they hook up electric probes and found nothing wrong with my heart at the time. Chalked it up to acid reflux.

Dear customer,
Thanks for the valuable info you had given.I’ve taken a close look at your question & the reply and come up with the following answer:
The symptoms you are having is most likely due to GERD(gastro esophageal reflux disease).It is a condition in which the esophagus becomes irritated or inflamed because of acid backing up from the stomach.
Also there is associated gastritis.It is an inflammation or irritation of the lining of the stomach.It is caused by various causes like physical stresses, social habits, chemicals, and infections,excessive use of Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
To get relief,take antacid- Gaviscon.It contains alginic acid and sodium bicarbonate. The combination of the alginic acid and bicarbonate will create a a foam barrier which floats on the stomach acid,providing great relief.Take tab.Ranitidine(Zantac) 150 mg twice a day.Both these are available without a prescription.
Avoid smoking & alcohol consumption.Dont take fried,spicy,salty,chilly food items.All this will help you greatly to keep your symptoms at bay.
This does not seem to be due to heart disease or angina.If still the symptoms persists then you need to consult your doctor for the examination & tests & hence the prescription medication accordingly.
Hope this helped & I had provided you an excellent service.
Your satisfaction is my prime goal and I'm happy to answer any follow-up questions you may have.Please feel free to ask if you have any other question.
Kind Regards-
Dr Charles
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your answer. I guess I'm wondering why it wouldn't potentially be heart related. And if there are certain things I'd need to have for it to be heart related. I know 32 is young but I am considerably overweight and not as active as I should be (need to start working on both thanks to this scare).

Sorry to be a pain, the incident has stirred up some anxiety quite a bit and the reassurances help with that.

Dear Sean,
I am happy to answer your follow up question.
I can understand the beats of heart you are feeling(called palpitations) & discomfort of upper abdomen will make you to think of the possibility of an underlying heart disease.Caffeine is one of the most common cause of heart palpitations.So cut down on caffeine.
So here I am describing the symptoms of angina/heart disease.Angina can be present with any of the following symptoms:
-Pain and discomfort in your chest.This pain can feel dull,heavy, tight or severe.
-Pain and discomfort that may spread to your jaw, neck, arms, back or stomach.
-Palpitations, sweating, feeling sick or shortness of breath.
-An angina pain does not usually last long. It will usually ease within 10 minutes when you rest.
-Tingling/numbness in arm.
If these symptoms develop,then you need to rush to ER for evaluation & examination as this can be due to heart disease.
Although you are overweight & sedentary life style,you can be in high risk category.So you need to work out on these two aspects.-Reduce the amount of calories you eat.Eating 300 to 500 calories less per day should lead to a loss of between one and two pounds per week.You could start dieting. What you will have to do is keep an account of how many calories you take in each day.Cut down your calories.Increase your daily activities & work out.
All this will help you greatly in reducing the weight & relieving your anxiety also.
Hope this helped
My main motive is your satisfaction.If you still have any questions in mind,please feel free to ask.
Thank you for using just answer website.
Kind Regards-
Dr Charles
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