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For reflux ,in particular LPR,doctors advise is to lose weight,and

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For reflux ,in particular LPR,doctors advise is to lose weight,and avoid Citric fruits,Garlic,Spicy foods,and onions and tomatoes.

What is your opinion on that ? As garlic,tomatoes and onions do have actualy lots of health benifits as well.

I am also taking natural Aloe vera juice in the mornings and a glass of ginger juice a day,Is ginger and aloe vera bad for reflux?


Associated heartburn?

Hoarseness of voice?

What is your current weight and height?

Stress and anxiety?

Alcohol and smoking?

Duration of your symptoms?

Any other medical illness?

Are you taking any medicines?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Stated earlier non smoker and non drinker,Yes stress at work, Height 1.

65 metres weight 75 kg,Oemaparazole 20mg medication once a day keeps me fine.

Thanks for providing more information.

Your Body mass index is 27.5 i.e you are overweight(normal range is 18.5-24.9).

And there is a link between high body mass index and the frequency of acid reflux.

So your doctor may advise you to lose weight.

Citrus fruits,Garlic,Spicy foods,and onions and tomatoes all these are known to increase stomach acid resulting in aggravation of symptoms of LPR.

So you should limit their intake rather than completely stop them.

You should avoid ginger juice as it can also be an aggravating factor of acid reflux.

Stress and anxiety issues can be associated with acid reflux.

Do deep breathing exercises,yoga and meditation.

Start a weight loss regimen after consulting your dietitian.

Hydrate yourself with plenty of fluids.

Do regular exercises.

If your symptoms'll persist then consult a gastroenterologist.



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