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Dr. Hasan
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My 13 year old asthmatic daughter has symptoms of the flu

Customer Question

My 13 year old asthmatic daughter has symptoms of the flu but has had the flu mist vaccine, should i take her to the ER to have her checked?  Her symptoms include fever (99.5-102), cough, joints ache, sore throat, no appetite.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Hasan replied 4 years ago.

HI, Thanks for your question. My name is***** and I am here to help you today with your question. I will be happy to assist you with your follow up questions also. I need few details. What are her symptoms right now? Any nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, fluid trickling in throat? Any fever? When exactly the vaccine was given?

Any respiratory difficulty or wheezing? What she is using for asthma? Regards

Expert:  Dr. Hasan replied 4 years ago.
Jan i am sorry i have not got your reply so far. I was trying to gather more information about her symptoms specially fever because i wanted to know that number of episodes in which fever went above 101. I wanted to check for her asthma too. However i am posting an answer for your help. Yes you need to take her to ER because the fever more than 101 indicates that its likely to be a bacterial infection. Low grade fever although can occur after vaccination but from her symptoms it is likely that she has developed secondary bacterial infection and most important is fever more than 101. Going to ER in her case is important too because the upper respiratory tract infection can result in aggravation of asthma and this can worsen the problem. In such situations till visiting a doctor tab tylenol thrice daily for fever, Tab claritin once daily for flu like symptoms and steam inhalation with menthol drops twice daily really helps my patients. I am again sorry for the inconvenience you faced. I wish her good luck that she gets well soon. Please ask if you have any question because our discussion always remains open so you can always ask more and I will be glad to assist you. Your excellent feedback is requested and will be appreciated, regards.