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Is it possible for osteomyelitis to develop in the same

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Is it possible for osteomyelitis to develop in the same area, from the same infection, where I had a muscular MRSA abscess more than 7 months ago? The abscess was in my left psoas/ileopsoas muscles. They placed 2 drains, and I received 2 weeks of iv vancomycin and 2 weeks of oral septra, and all my symptoms resolved. I have, however, had recurrent muscle-type pain in my left lower back and down the back of my left thigh for the last 2 months or so. I'm a bit worried, because it has slowly gotten worse in spite of using heat/ice, anti-inflammatories, stretching, etc. But, it is also tolerable pain at this point, and I know that acute ostemyelitis is incredibly painful. I also have a history of chronic muscle and tendon pain, for which I am currently taking plaquenil and celebrex. I have recently moved to a new state, so I do not yet have a new primary doctor and rheumatologist set up yet. Thank you.
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Thanks for your question.
Osteomyelitis is possible at the same site you had muscle abscess.
It seems you were treated fully.
The risk of osteomyelitis is low.
Usually fever will also accompany with osteomyelitis along with an draining abscess at the area.
Other possibility is likely pinched nerve causing the pain.
The osteomyelitis can be ruled out by a bone scan or a MRI scan.
The nerve related pain can originate from lower spine or at the local site.
This can be checked by the nerve conduction study.
Given the history of chronic muscle pain, you are at risk for developing worsening muscle pain even without osteo.
Best wishes,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Would some type of chronic osteomyelitis also cause fever and a draining abscess? Or, maybe a mrsa abscess could not lead to chronic osteomyelitis, and only to acute?

chronic osteomyelitis also should cause some more symptoms besides just pain.
Acute osteo also will cause fever besides pain.
MRSA can cause both acute and chronic osteo.
The best way to rule out osteo is to get a bone scan or MRI scan.
Best wishes,
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