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Are there any side effects to taking virility x pills?

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Are there any side effects to taking virility x pills?

Hello Jamie,
Could you provide me with a link or any other information about the specific pills you have in mind? I'm sorry to have to ask, but there are many very similarly named pills. I want to make sure we're on the same page so I provide you with accurate information.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for the reply. Here is the website.
Hello Jamie,

My name isXXXXX'm a registered nurse and glad to try and help out.

Thanks for writing back. Very helpful and I appreciate your patience.
You are prudent to pose this query. I have quite a bit of experience along these lines. Here's what bothers me, seriously, about this type of supplement.
First, look at the very bottom of the web page where the link says: "Virility Pills VP-RX Ingredients". Personally, I lose confidence when a company can't even spell the word "ingredients" correctly. That is just an aside, however, so here is where my concern mainly lies.
It assumes a whole lot to think that the laboratory follows proper procedures and the specifications can be trusted, especially when you're looking at some rather potent herbal agents here. I'm not generally terribly concerned about some of the minerals, for example, but look further at the list, if you will. True, there are some agents (i.e. Yohimbine) not listed, and that's a good thing. Also, most of the dosages listed (i.e. Nicotinamide) are quite benign and well below known toxic levels as reported in the literature.
Another issue is that of efficacy, namely does it do what is promised? I've seen the same advertisements and testimonials, but in terms of scientifically reliable testing methodology, the results just aren't there, I'm afraid to say.
So, I would urge caution. As a practical matter, the great majority of young men in good health will not experience serious adverse side effects from taking the preparation. But, I'm admittedly extremely cautious, so while we're not dealing something blatantly dangerous here such as the older Ephedra products, think about a couple of things. First, your liver processes all of this. It is impossible to predict just who will be that occasional person who encounters a toxicity issue. Secondly, there are certainly potential serious interactions with any other medications (prescribed and/or over-the-counter, including other supplements), you may be taking or take in the future. Finally, herbs can have a particular importance when it comes to future medical/surgical care. For example, one can see bleeding time difficulties which might be unknown until the time of an emergency surgery.
Hope that helps...didn't mean to scare you by any means...just recommend that you exercise caution and make an informed decision. Please, take to heart the usual admonishments to check with your personal physician prior to starting these pills.
If you have a follow-up question or need clarification, please just say the word by using "reply" to reach me.

I hope all works out for you.
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Hello Jamie,

I enjoyed working with you recently.

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