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I take hydrocodone 7.5/acetaminophen, hydroxyzine hcl 10 mg,

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I take hydrocodone 7.5/acetaminophen, hydroxyzine hcl 10 mg, promethazine hcl 25mg, loratadine 10 mg, bupropion hcl 200 mg, tramadol and cyclobenzaprine hcl. I had not been taking the 2 hydroxyzine or the 2 promethazine per day...they are both "as needed". When I do not hurt real bad I do not take the hydrocodone but first try ibuprophen, if that doesn't work I try tramadon, and if that doesn't work then I move to the hydrocodone. I haven't refilled they tramadol or the cyclobenzaprine since they are also "as needed" and I was out of both so neither of them had been taken for a few weeks and since I was feeling pretty good and the ibuprophen along with muscle cream seemed to work pretty good. I live in WV where at this time of year one day can be 50 degrees and the next day 20 degrees. I started hurting more than the ibuprophen could handle and since I was out of the tramadol and the cyclobenzaprine I went from the ibuprophen to hydrocodone but only 1 a day for the last few days as that seemed to be enough to get me through the pain. The last 3 nights I couldn't sleep and my nerves were acting up (I am going through a divorce and then stress from work). The first night I did nothing but try to get to sleep (such as getting up and cleaning thinking that the exertion of energy would be enough to help me get back to sleep. The following 2 nights I took extra of the hydroxzine and promethazine. Extra meaning instead of 1 2x per day if needed, I took 2 at bedtime or each, along with 1 hydrocodone, and my other regularly taken meds as perscribed between 9-10pm. Around 1am I wake up but can't get up to sleep so I get up and move to help "wear me out" so to speak so I can sleep but that doesn't help so about 2:30am or so I took an extra hydroxyzine and I did end up getting back to sleep about 15-30 minutes later. I got up as usual got ready for work and went to work. As the morning progressed I started shaking (I didn't even notice but my co-workers did), I took at as just my nerves acting up so just kept working (took nothing), as the morning went on it became hard for me to remember things I do daily but after a minute of 2 I figured it out. Then it got worse...much worse...It got to wear I was shaking really bad and I couldn't remember at all how to move information from one speadsheet to another...I got very frustrated and tryed and tryed to figure it out...I started crying a little but was able to stop it immediately after it started. After about what seemed to be an hour or so of not being able how to figure something out I do on a daily basis I asked a co-worker...he tried and tried to help me but I couldn't even follow his simple directions...I had heard in the background my co-workers wondering if I was I finally went up to the ER. They took my right back. At this point I was crying even more and the least little thing upset me. They did a scan to rule out stoke, urine, and blood test. They found nothing. The doctor said I had overdosed on the promethazine and hydroxzine and that they had found no hydrocodone in my urine. So on top of telling me I overdosed then the doctor thought since I didn't have hydrocodone in my urine that I wasn't taking it (we have a bad problem here with people selling narcatics) and was selling it. I told him I had 1 whole unopened bottle at home which still had the saftey seal on it and some yet in another bottle I am about to finish up. I am about 1/2 month extra I still had from not taking it every day. I last filled it on Nov 9th and it is now Dec 1. I told him I could bring this in and show him but he refused. He said there was a posibility that the promethazine and hydroxyzine could have flushed it out of my system. I don't know if this is true or not or if he was trying some ploy to try and catch me in a lie. He told me to quite taking both promethazine and hydroxyzine. It is the following day now and I'm scared to death to take any of my other medications. It is Saturday so my regular doctor is out until Monday. My question after all this would be since there was nothing in the tests could it have really been an overdose? Would it be safe to take my regular medications? My body hurts (I figured from all the shaking) but I haven't taken anything at all for it as I don't know what it will do. And last question is was he telling me the truth about the possibility of those meds flushing the hydrocodone out of my system and if that could be true then wouldn't a blood test show it in my system?
Since you did not have any issues with shaking prior to taking more than prescribed by your regular doctor there is no reason why you can not take them exactly as prescribed. Do not take more than indicated until you ask your regular doctor and he will establish if an adjustment is needed. Some side effects of too much hydroxyzine includes:

  • restless muscle movements in your eyes, tongue, jaw, or neck;

  • tremor (uncontrolled shaking);

  • confusion; or

  • seizure (convulsions)

  • dizziness, drowsiness;

  • blurred vision, dry mouth; or

  • headache.

Side effects of promethazine include:

  • Constipation
  • Dry Mouth
  • Confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness

Depending on how long it took to get the medication in the bloodstream you may have been having a serum level peak while you were at work. Many factors effect the absorption of medication.

As to hydrocodone levels...

Most level are determined by urine levels (unless applying for a government job, etc.) This can detect hydrocone from a few hours up to a day or so. This depends on how often it is used. The more you use it the higher serum levels that are maintained and the longer it can be detected. Promethazine and Hydroxyzine can both potentiate the hydrocodone effect (it makes the effects of hydrocodone more pronounced). As to either of these drugs causing the hydrocodone to be eliminated more rapidly there are no studies that indicate this.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

But even if it is not in your urine isn't it still in your blood?

but they did a urine test for the hydrocodone (narcotics panel) as you stated in your question not a blood test.
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