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I'm having a throbbing, numbness/fullness feeling in my left

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I'm having a throbbing, numbness/fullness feeling in my left ear. I keep trying to make it go away by touching/rubbing it, but it isn't stopping. It is not painful, just very annoying/uncomfortable. I used to be a swimmer many years ago and have never had my ears professionally cleaned/dewaxed. Could this be it or a sign of something more serious like diabetes which runs in my family. I've seen an ent doc a few months ago and he said there was nothing wrong with my ears. Why am I having this annoying sensation then?


Do you have hearing loss?


Stuffy nose?

Buzzing/ringing in ear?

Clogged ear?

Do you feel numbness in face?

Duration of symptoms?

Have you checked your BP and blood sugar?

Have you seen your ENT specialist recently?

Are you taking any medicines?

Any other medical illness?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No hearing loss

No Dizziness

No Stuffy nose

No Buzzing/ringing in ear

Feels full but not clogged. Hearing is not distorted and popping my ears does not help.

No numbness in face

Symptoms have been one and off for a few months. Most recently a few days but will last for a week or more before it just goes away on it's own.

BP is fine. Had blood sugar formally checked at the beginning of year but nothing since. Adult Onset Diabetes does run in my family and I do not eat the healthest. Nothing else is numb.

Saw the ENT a few months ago and he said everything looks healthy. I am awaiting an appointment with a neurologist.

Taking Ritalin, Prozac and Lamotrign

Besides depression, no.

Thanks for providing more information.

As per your description,you need to be seen by an ENT specialist first for a clinical examination.

As firstly ear related pathology like Inner ear inflammation,Eustachian tube blockage should be ruled out.

Your blood sugar and thyroid function test should be done.

Thyroid dysfunction can also cause such weird sensation.

Arterial vessels near the temporal bone may transmit sounds associated with turbulent blood flow resulting in throbbing sensation in ear.

The petrous carotid system is the most common source, although other arteries may also be involved.

This is not itself a serious condition, although an evaluation for underlying atherosclerotic disease, should be done by ENT specialis or neurologist.

There can be compression of nerve which can cause numbness sensation.

In the meantime you can try Xylometazoline nasal drops - Otrivin nasal drops 2 drops three times daily in both nostrils(OTC).
Antihistamines - Alavert 10 mg once daily (OTC) for 3-5 days to see good results.

Also do Valsalva maneuver .

Hope this helps.
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