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Early intervention was prescribed by my grandson's dr. at

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Early intervention was prescribed by my grandson's dr. at his 12 mo visit because he was not meeting certain milestones ie not sitting up..not crawling..not holding own bottle..not feeding himself..not standing..not walking. My daughter was moving to my residence at the time in another state but it is now four months later and she still has not changed over her residence so she can get this needed healthcare and a dr. Now at 16 mo old my grandson still cannot crawl..walk..stand on his own..pull up..feed himself (still on baby food)..hold bottle/cup..speak real words..immitate signs like bye-bye. They do nothing with him to help and he is placed in a chair for hours in frint of a tv. He has virtually no interaction with anyone besides his parents and me. They keep him up til 2 or 3 am so he will sleep the entire day away cuz it suits their schedule. I have consulted a lawyer to gain custody. They are living with me because of an eviction so i am providing fir them all tho my daughter works. She contributes nothing. Parents are unmarried and 29 and 31. You opinion?

I have a back ground in Child and Adolescent psychiatric nursing as well as pediatric nursing.

I'm sorry to hear of your situation.

Thank goodness the child has you advocating for him.

For any child, it is important that the early years be filled with proper physical and mental stimulation since this is when the brain is forming. What occurs in these early years will effect the child for the rest of their life.

When there are delays, as there appears to be in the case of your grandchild, it is critical that evaluation be done as soon as possible, so that a plan can be put in place and resources obtained. If an intensive program is started, there is a good chance the child can overcome some of these delays (of course depending on the underlying cause). If a program is not started early, it becomes much harder to overcome the delays, as the brain begins to rapidly lose the excess of neuronal connections that it is born with. Un-used neurons are eliminated and the flexibility to learn basic language and other skills declines rapidly after the toddler years. The brains is like a 'sponge' n the capacity to learn in early childhood, but if the basic pathways are not put in place early on, then advances later in life are much more difficult (to put it in very simple terms). Of course, if basic emotional needs are not met at this age, an ability to form normal attachments will be damaged as well.

The child needs to see not a pediatrician, and will likely be referred to a pediatric neurologist and a developmental psychologist for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment plan.

It is possible many of these delays are from lack of stimulation, if the child is neglected as you mention - and being set in front of a TV without without human interaction for hours is one form of neglect.

I would think that you have a strong case to gain custody, based on what you have mentioned. And especially so, if the parents do not get on the ball and take parenting classes and chance their interaction.

Now, I don't see that you have a specific question, and you have asked for an opinion. I am not sure if I have provided you with the information that you need.

How else can I help you? Please do reply with any additional questions you may have, rather than rate me, unless you are happy with my answer.

I will be standing by to look for your reply.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
my question was answered...whether i had a good case for neglect and gain custody. How do i document all these delays since he hasnt seen a dr in over four months?i was at the 12 mi visit and heard the drs orders .
Thank you.

I saw a few minor errors in my answer too late to fix (the 6th paragraph should be 'the child, not only needs to see a pediatrician... " rather than 'to see not a pediatrician'
and in:
'if the parents do not get on the ball and take parenting classes and chance their interaction.' The word 'chance' should have been change. (Sorry about that.)

For documentation, there are a couple of things that should work. Filming of the child will show the delays, if you are able to do so. I believe a basic video camera can be had fairly inexpensively.

Another check up would provide additional documentation. Hopefully you will be able to get the child in to at least a clinic like a local health dept soon, because government funded resources are available for children if there is no insurance (you can put your zip code into this finder to find a low cost or free clinic in your area: click HERE for the link). Regular pediatric check ups have basic developmental screening test that will be kept in the medical record which could possibly be subpoenaed for a court case.

Here at JustAnswer/Pearl we also have a legal section and one of the attorneys would be more qualified to give you advice on documentation. I'm not sure if you would like to consult someone here to get more information on how to handle this situation, if you are already paying for an attorney. Our attorneys can provide only general information, but they are very helpful in many situations.

I am still available if you have more questions or need clarification of anything I have mentioned.

I certainly wish you the best and would be interested in hearing of the outcome as well as providing any other suggestions or advice you might need in this process.