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I just went to the restroom to poop. I noticed red blood in

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I just went to the restroom to poop. I noticed red blood in the toilet. As I am on my period I thought maybe I didn't have a tampon in. However, I did have a tampon in and there was no blood on the tampon. Upon examination, the blood was coming from my anus. It was more than I've ever seen before, but I think it only looked like a lot because blood expands in water.. I am in no pain, but I am worried. I have not been sick in the recent past. I am on Prilosec every day. Please advise!
Hi there and thank you for the question. I am a Registered Nurse and will be happy to help you today.
I know this is worrisome. However bright red blood usually represents a hemorrhoid. A hemorrhoid is essentially a vein that is swollen in the anal area and under a great deal of pressure, it can bleed or even rupture. Rupture can be painless but cause more than normal bleeding in the anal area.
Your age decreases your chances of having any type of rectal cancer. But any rectal bleeding should be checked out. Basically, a Gastroenterologist can do a rectal exam (quick exam) and tell you whether or not you have hemorrhoids. If you do, you can be given something to help with the bleeding as well as a diet to follow to help prevent the bleeding. Basically the diet is a high fiber diet ad stool softeners to aid in the passing of stool a bit easier. Also drinking lots of water will prevent the stool from being hard which can also irritate the anal area and cause bleeding.
Often times, if streaks of blood are found on the toilet paper, it is hemorrhoid related...streaks of blood on the stool might signal a cancer.
Don't be worried, just see your Dr and have the bleeding checked so that you can put your mind at ease and also get something to prevent the bleeding from reoccurring.
Don't hesitate to reply back if more info is needed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for that information. I really appreciate it. I just have a couple more things.. It wasn't just streaks, there was actually blood in the bowl. That was about 15 mins ago and I just checked and am not bleeding now.. I have recently been working out much more than normal (i started a workout program). I have heard working out can cause hemmroids.. However, aren't you supposed to hurt if you have hemmroids? I have not been in any pain, nor have I been constipated at all.

Sounds very much like a hemorrhoid issue. Yes, working out can cause a hemorrhoid especially if you are lifting weights or doing any type of leg or abdomen work where you strain.

Hemorrhoids don't have to cause pain, no. Especially if they are internal and/or small. The external hemorrhoids can cause more pain and itching than the internal ones but both can be bothersome. If you have an internal hemorrhoid and it continues to get bigger (over time), yours will start to bother you at times as well.

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