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Timeline: 27 Aug - Had intercourse with female. There was no

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27 Aug - Had intercourse with female. There was no blood but vaginal fluids. No protection.
29 Oct to the first of 1 Nov - she had a pap smear. Only thing I know from the results is she has chlamydia as they told her that and nothing else. She was due to go back for a follow-up check up (23 Nov) but was snowed in and is scheduled for next Friday now.
About 4 weeks ago (the week of the 22-27 of Oct 2-12) - I had random sharp pains come and go in my right armpit usually when sitting. This happened off and on for about a week. It is a dull achy discomfort now that has slowly gotten more noticeable in the past week and is in both armpits. No swelling that I can see or feel. (Feels better when light pressure is applied). I had been working on siding my house on scaffolding so I have pulled it apart, moved and rebuild and shift it around too. As well over stretching and general awkward positioning and the likes. As well several cuts for the vinyl siding on my hands and fingers and the siding was dirty (mud). Just finished this last week and have been doing it off and on since the end of Sept.
After conversation with her and looking at it on the computer (saw stuff about) and I have found my self having had the following stuff.
Hot flashes and chills at times often when I am thinking about it all. At no time did I have a constant fever that I know of and the hottest I ever saw was 98F using a ear probe
sore body joints - knees (which I have had surgery) shoulders. As well stiff back of neck near the base of the neck in the past couple weeks off and on but I have gotten that a fair bit over the past year from time to time.
A couple days in the past two weeks were I am wiped out tired. As well I have had a couple serve headaches in the past month(Though I have had this before over the past 6 years after my second seizure and the start of my tegertol medication)
In the past week my sternum has been achy but does not hurt to breath in deeply. Though I get short of breath when I walk or bike up hills for the past couple of weeks and takes a minute to regain normal breathing.
As well I have had a few lose bowels which I have had before over time though the past week they are softer then normal and thinner then normal but still have some consistence.
Itchy - hands, arms and back of the neck off and on over the past couple weeks
So in the end scared and wondering what your thoughts are. I do not have a regular GP at this time so I figured I would start here. Thank you for your time and I hope this makes sense.


Do you have pain,numbness,tingling in arms?

Chest pain?

Any recent infection?

Any visible lumps in armpits?


Neck stiffness?


How many episodes of loose stools?

Pain abdomen?

Bloating and flatulence?


Nausea and vomiting?

Are you taking any medicines?

Any other medical illness?

Stress and anxiety issues?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

-Arms are itchy/tingling in the forearms

-just a achy feeling in the sternum area and not in the other parts of the chest

-No infections that I know of (had flu shot 5 Nov)

-No visible lumps in the armpits

-Did have a cough but a cold past through my room mates and my co-worker had a cough at the same time

-neck is a little staff.

-No dizziness

-lose with no form probably 4 times in the past two - three weeks (forgot to mention stronger smelling too)

- No abdomen pain

-No bloating and nothing different with the flatulence

- No heartburn

- No vomiting though some nausea usually with the hot flashes

I take Tegertol for seizure management

Stress and anixiety with the money for the reno, and the current medical stuff


Do you have associated rashes,redness on forearms?

Dry skin?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There is no rashes or redness on my forearms that I have noticed

I have dry skin on my hands which is normal of me

Thanks for providing more information.

Sorry for late reply and inconvenience.

Firstly i want to assure you that chances of Chlamydia infection are less likely in your case as you have no associated penile discharge,frequent urination.

Now as you have neck stiffness,itching.tingling sensation in forearms,pain in armpits,headache so all these symptoms are suggestive of Cervical spondylosis(compression of nerves at cervical spine).

Other possible differential diagnosis of itching/tingling sensation in forearms may include Neurodermatitis.

So you can apply 1% hydrocortisone cream on affected area.

And Take Cetirizine.

As you have dry skin so apply calamine lotion just after a bath.

As you have few episodes of loose stools so possibly there could be some sort of stomach infection which can also result in generalised body & joints ache,low grade fever,headache,tiredness.

So you can take metamucil.

And start multivitamin.

Take OTC Motrin.

Start probiotics.

If your symptoms'll persist make an appointment with your GP.

Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No problem about the delay as I am sure you are busy. What about HIV or is it just a over active imagination and panic on my part


Thanks for the follow-up.

Chances of HIV infection are less(1 in 1000).

However you need to undergo HIV Elisa at 3 months from the date of exposure for confirmation.

It's good idea to opt for test for a precautionary measure.

Hope this helps.
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