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Vakul Aren
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For a few weeks now, my feet will tingle and there's a pain

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For a few weeks now, my feet will tingle and there's a pain that happens when I start to work out. It won't stop unless I stop and stomp my feet around. Today, I was walking around and all of a sudden got a pain/cramp in my left thigh, in the outer muscle. There was a small lump. It went away after massaging it for about 20 minutes. Then, later tonight, my foot started killing me, on the same leg. It is a throbbing, stabbing pain. My foot hurts to move. There's no pain in my upper leg. Some slight tingling, but that's about it. What is this/what should I do?
The common causes of tingling of legs with pain on exercising would include compression of spinal nerve roots due to a herniated disc,compression of sciatic nerve along its path,vascular insufficiency,electrolyte imbalance,Vitamin b 12 deficiency,hereditary diseases which affect the nerves of arms and legs like Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease,Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome or Posterior Tibial nerve neuralgia.The cramps may occur due to electrolyte imbalance,over use of legs and prolonged standing.It would be best to visit your PCP/GP and seek his opinion.He can examine you and investigate you based on the physical findings and history.You may need a Doppler study of the leg vessels to rule out any obstruction to the blood flow,a MRI scan of the lumbosacral spine if radiculitis or compression of the spinal nerve roots is suspected.Lab tests for electrolytes,calcium ,Vitamin b12 levels will help.Metabolic diseases like Diabetes and thyroid disorders may need to be ruled out.If the problem persists,the help of a Neurologist may be sought to rule out any Neuropathy.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Early this year, I had my meniscus repaired on this same leg. Do I need to worry about a clot or anything?
Since you have had surgery on the knee,you would also need to rule out any venous thrombosis or blood clots apart from the other causes.You should also ascertain whether there are any other problems caused due to the surgery itself.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Should I be going to a hospital tonight? Or can I wait and make an appointment with my regular dr? My foot is pretty swollen tonight.
If there is significant swelling of the foot along with the pain,it would be best to seek urgent medical attention at the nearest hospital.This will help prevent any damage due to vascular blockage/DVT or any other acute cause.
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