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Dr. Nomi
Dr. Nomi, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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Experience:  Medical Doctor,UK
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I have recently been diagnosed with cellulitis, and finished

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I have recently been diagnosed with cellulitis, and finished taking antibiotics for the last 14 days, 6 days ago. It was on my right shin caused by trauma. There's very minor swelling left no pain except for mild uncomfort at the side of my knee and also around my groin. Is this normal, and if so how long does it last. Thanks

Dr. Nomi :


Dr. Nomi :

How you describe your discomfort at groin?

Dr. Nomi :

Is there any swelling in groin or at knee where discomfort is?

Dr. Nomi :

Any lumps at site of groin?

Customer: I would say mainly on the inside of my knee almost like a little burning sensation
Dr. Nomi :


Dr. Nomi :

How about lumps in the area of groin?

Customer: No lumps anywhere.
Dr. Nomi :

Burning in groin ?

Customer: Just a little on the inside. The red streak I had is gone but it like I can still feel it there
Dr. Nomi :

Can you tell names of antibiotics used?

Customer: Clyndamiacin and sulfamethoxazole
Dr. Nomi :

I think it is side effect of sulfamethoxazole used.

Dr. Nomi :

Its temporary and will go away with passage of time.

Customer: Socks still make a dent above my ankle and the skin where the bruse and tenderness was is peeling.
Dr. Nomi :

This means oedema is there.

Dr. Nomi :

In this case you should go for a follow up check up.

Customer: What is that?
Dr. Nomi :

Oedema means swelling.

Dr. Nomi :

Though I think healing is very good.

Customer: When should I expect all that to go away?
Dr. Nomi :

It will take time like 3 more weeks for your body to get rid of all.

Dr. Nomi :

Your body is still in recovery mode.

Customer: So how will I know if its gone or hanging around.
Dr. Nomi :

When complete healing of wound occur along with absence of any swelling.

Customer: Ok. So the little burning I feel should go away with time also.
Dr. Nomi :


Dr. Nomi :

Just keep moving your leg normally.Though not to stress too much this side.

Customer: So what I need to look for is redness, streaking and swelling again?
Dr. Nomi :


Dr. Nomi :

But I suggest if you make a folllow up appointment if this does not go away in next 4 days-that will be great.

Customer: Ok thank you for your time.
Dr. Nomi :


Dr. Nomi :

Wish you good health.

Dr. Nomi :

You can ask if you have questions any more.

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