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Dr. Singh
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Dear Doctor, over the last week I noticed that my abdomen

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Dear Doctor, over the last week I noticed that my abdomen gets very hard after eating / distended, and also there is a tender to touch area in the upper right quadrant right above the navel.
No pain, normal appetite. I'm obsessing over it and constantly touching it. Being a woman, I want to understand what specialists I should see first: OBGYN? General surgery? Gastroenterology?
After b.m, hardness subsides. But that type of hardness / distention is new to me plus the tender area on the upper right, SP naturally I'm very worried. I'm 44, very slim. Thank you for any clues you can provide.
Dr. Singh :


Dr. Singh :

These symptoms be caused by gastritis (inflammation of stomach) gastroparesis (slow emptying of stomach) or be a gall bladder issue such as cholecystitis. Your symptoms appear mild, and all you may need is some diet modification and possibly medications. I would recommend seeing your primary care doctor, an internal medicine doctor or family medicine doctor, first. He/she may send you to a specialist if needed. If you do want to see a specialist first, I would suggest gastroenterologist.

Dr. Singh :

I hope that help. Let me know if you have more questions. Please rate/review when done so I may get credit.

Customer: Dear Doctor, thank you. More details: my last complete blood test was done in Feb of this year and everything was normal.
Customer: Sorry didn't finish replying - my last visit to OBGYN was in 2010. I know that abdominal bloating is a symptom of ovarian cancer, should I see OBGYN ASAP? Also why tenderness in the upper right area right above the navel TOGETHER with bloating / firmness of abdomen overall? I will see an internal med doctor as you recommended but am very worried that it might be something serious, so wanted to get your opinion - considering no acute symptoms, normal appetite, energy level and no pain, only discomfort from bloating, should I worry about something potentially serious? Should I request abdominal ultrasound ASAP?

I forgot to add important details: I also have "visible peristaltic waves" - I see waves especially when I drink water, and pulsation in my stomach. I just did more search on these symptoms - does it sound like obstruction? I read there's "simple obstruction" that doesn't necessarily cause pain. Thank you very much.

Dr. Singh :

If you are having bowel movements, you do not have obstruction. You are probably quite thin, which is why you may have visible peristatic waves. Overall, your symptoms do not sound like ovarian pathology. They are likely due to bowel issues like I described above. So seeing a gastroentrologist would be the first step. I don't think you need to get an ultrasound right away.

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