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I have a friend who is 72 yrs old, is significantly overweight

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I have a friend who is 72 yrs old, is significantly overweight and has badly swollen legs, similar in appearance to elephantitis. She does not tolerate diuretics well, experiencing severe muscle cramps. She also has a large Baker's cyst in one leg. Her mobility is decreasing rapidly. I have urged her to go to see a doctor, but she says that she is not sufficiently mobile to walk into an office, although she could drive to the site. Also, we di nit know where to start in terms of doctor's specialty. Could you point us in the right direction for beginning to address these problems? I am concerned that she will soon be house-bound and uhnable to care for herself.
She definitely needs to see a doctor, and although the most appropriate one for this would be an internist--an internal medicine specialist--a doctor at a walk in or an urgent care center could do the initial evaluation and testing for this and then refer her to a specialst. Every doctor's office has a wheel chair and ramps to get patients into the office so that shouldn't be an excuse for her. While I can't say for sure what the leg problem means for her, there could be a problem with her heart, kidneys, or liver and she definitely needs to be given a thorough medical evaluation.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you--I had not thought about the office having a wheel chair. I will continue to do battle with her to get her in to see someone. thanks again.

I understand your concern--tell her you're coming over to drive her to the office once the appointment is made.