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QUESTION, i KNOW OVER 35 birth defects are increased. If I

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i KNOW OVER 35 birth defects are increased. If I use an egg donor would those odds be lessened?
ALSO, about how long does it take to do the egg donor process?
Thank you
Yes, taking an egg donor would definitely lessen the risks of birth defects. Donors range in age from 22 to 30, with an average age of 24. Healthy women with no medical conditions are selected as donors . the eggs are also tested for any defects before they are implanted in the recipient. This lessens the risks of a birth defect to practically nil.
The egg donor process takes 1 month - the duration of a menstrual cycle. Your cycle and the donors cycle will need to be co-ordinated and synchronized for this month. While the donor will be receive drugs to stimulate egg maturation, you will receive drugs to prepare the endometrium (the inner uterine lining) for the implantation.
I hope this helps.
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