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I have difficulty urinating, I have to strain myself each

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I have difficulty urinating, I have to strain myself each time. I also have pain in the pelvic area, on the left side mostly. another symptom i have is pain in the abdominal area. My testicles are so tender that even a slight touch hurts and sometimes travel all the way to my stomach like something is pulling inside. I just noticed a white substance in my urine as well - they looked like little white round particles, i noticed a few of them were kind of pinkish or a dirty color as well. I've had my urine analysis and ultrasound done as well, but since I didn't hear back from my doctor, I am assuming nothing alarming. but I just saw white substance and am concerned.your response would be really appreciated.
Welcome to Just Answer.
When did the symptoms begin?
Is there any swelling of testis?
How frequent is the urine?
When did you have those tests?
Did doctor prescribe any medicine?
Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Over a year ago.

No there isn't any swelling of testis

It more than usual because I can't relieve myself in one shot, a portion of it always remains inside.

I had the urine test about three weeks ago and the ultrasound just last week.

the doctor gave me suprax.

Thank you for the information, White particles can be due to presence of excess phosphate. It can be present in case of dehydration & concentrated urine. Sometimes there can be minute stone particles. It can be present with infection. Doctor has prescribed suprax for infection. In infection you can feel pain in the testis, bladder area along with difficulty in passing urine. If you do not feel any relief from suprax, you need to take a review. Repeat urine test, culture & imaging would be needed. Pl try to drink plenty of fluids. I hope this information helps. I will be happy to assist, if you need any clarification. Please press the EXCELLENT/ GOOD FEEDBACK and feel free for any follow up query. Regards.

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