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Hi This morning I hit the top of my head very hard on the

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This morning I hit the top of my head very hard on the kitchen counter while coming up from picking something off the floor. It was hard enough to break the skin and bled slightly, but there is no bump. I carried on though it hurt through the day. I have felt so irritable all day and my head is throbbing. I feel like my vision is slightly off, every time i bend to pick something up or raise my voice I get a shooting pain in the top of my head. I also get very dizzy and disorientated when I stand if i have been sitting. I had to cancel all my appointments today because I just felt so tired and kept randomly crying for no reason.
(it has been about 7hrs) I am laying down while my husband takes the children out and i am feeling nauseous and emotional. I am also really anxious because I am 17 weeks pregnant and nervous I have done something to my head.

Is it likely I just have a headache from the blow which is causing all these other symptoms?

I'm so sorry to hear of the incident. It is possible that the symptoms you are describing (irritability and moodiness) are due to the pain and that there is only soft tissue damage outside of the skull. Yet, in a case like this, with the symptoms you describe, it is always protocol for you to go in for evaluation. Most likely your doctor's office is closed but if you are on the West coast, you could try to call and see if you can be seen tonight. If you are not able to reach your doctor, then you must go to the ER for evaluation. There is a chance that your symptoms could be due to increased pressure on the brain from a mild concussion or even more rarely, internal bleeding. Although this would be rare in someone your age, it is possible and does happen in all ages. Some people may have a predisposition to bleeding internally (inside the skull) and this is never known until an accident occurs. If you did have pressure due to bleeding, a procedure would be needed to release the pressure. Possibly, all you will need is to be monitored and woke up every 2 hours over the next 24 hours to make sure you remain coherent. If your pupils are not equal in diameter or do not respond normally to light, this could also be a sign of brain injury (it is best for a professional to make this determination) In the mean time you should be using an ice pack on the area. Please have someone drive you to the doctor or ER.

I am standing by to reply if you have any further questions at this time.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

would it be reasonable for me to just wait until the morning?

No, not with the symptoms you are describing. Nausea, headache, irritability, emotional lability are all signs of increased intracranial pressure. You really need to be checked now to make sure there is not a slow bleed. Yes, it is possible that you will end up being sent home with instructions to have someone wake you up every 2 hours. But with the symptoms you are describing brain studies will surely be ordered (MRI)