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I went to bed Thursday and my lips were dried out. I didn't

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I went to bed Thursday and my lips were dried out. I didn't get up to put anything on them. The next day I noticed swelling and a single small bump on my lower lip. It is not painful. It looks kind of like a bug bite. I've had cold sores since I was little and this has no similarities except it's on my lip. No pain, no liquid filled blister, no cluster of blisters (which I always get when I have outbreaks). It's a single skin colored bump with a small hole in the middle. This is the fourth day it's been there and it does seem to be getting smaller. Any ideas what it could be? I went to my doctor who wouldn't even listen to me, and wants to write it off as a cold sore. The nurse however thought I might have gotten bit by something. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.
Dr. Nomi :


Dr. Nomi :

Its neither cold sore nor an insect bite.It is most likely a 'mucocele' or mucus cyst.

Dr. Nomi :

There is no specific reason for their sudden appearance.However,they go away at their own after a few days.

Dr. Nomi :

It may rupture after a few days.

Dr. Nomi :

Lip trauma can be one possibility like in kissing etc.

Dr. Nomi :

Which can result in their formation.

Customer: It feels like there's tissue or something solid under it, not liquid. Do I need to be concerned or go to another doctor to get it checked out?
Dr. Nomi :

You should wait for 3 days .If it stays same then must see another doctor.

Dr. Nomi :

No need to apply anything on it.

Customer: It's been 3 days already. It appeared on Friday.
Dr. Nomi :

You can apply some ice on it like for 2 minutes only.

Customer: It does seem like the swelling is less today though.
Dr. Nomi :

Hmmmm...If you are worried you can see your doctor now.However,I think there is no harm in waiting 2 more days .

Dr. Nomi :

Try applying ice three times a day.

Customer: Okay. Are these dangerous at all? Are they communicable?
Dr. Nomi :

No they are not dangerous nor communicable.

Customer: Who is the best doctor to see? Regular md or dermatologist?
Dr. Nomi :

Dermatologist .

Customer: Okay. Thank you so much! I was extremely frustrated with my doctor who wouldn't listen to me. Thank you for listening!
Dr. Nomi :


Dr. Nomi :

Good luck.

Customer: Thank you!
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