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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  14 years as clinician in the field of Family Practice
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My son has lost around 5 kg in about four weeks and is

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My son has lost around 5 kg in about four weeks and is losing his appetite and has got raised ck levels of 1060. He has lost all his muscle tone that has gone from looking like a little body builder to flat skinny limbs. He has had night sweats and has a 20 cent size mass in his tibia bone in the right leg. I can't get a straight answer out of three GPs that I have taken him to.
Anthony Bray MD :


Anthony Bray MD :

He sounds that he has a very serious disease which is causing destruction of muscle tissue or rhabdomyolysis...

Anthony Bray MD :

There are different potential causes of this type process. Auto-immune disease is one that should be checked for as part of his work up.

Anthony Bray MD :

The very high CK levels are of concern as this may lead to the complication of kidney damage...

Anthony Bray MD :

I would advise that you have him consult a tertiary care hospital ASAP to quickly pursue this set of problems.

Customer: What is it and why is it being ignored by dr ? He has small trace of blood in all his urine test as well
Customer: I live very far away from a hospital , should I go in the morning ? It is about 1100 klm away
Anthony Bray MD :

I don't know why it would be ignored or down played by his doctors. It is serious condition and needs to be definitively diagnosed and treated.

Anthony Bray MD :

A tertiary care hospital or a teaching hospital that has a medical school as part of it would be your best bet.

Customer: Why woul this come on all of a sudden ? He was always so active , now he can barley do anything and has no strength
Anthony Bray MD :

Yes if that is your best option then take off for that hospital in the AM....

Anthony Bray MD :

It may be an auto-immune disease such as polymyositis where the body starts to attach antibodies to muscle cells and then destroy them as ONE possibility. There are different possible causes for the findings that you have described...

Customer: What type of problem do you think he has , I'm a paramedic so I can understand the medical terms
Customer: Is his ck level very high for a boy his age ?
Anthony Bray MD :

Polymyosisits as one possibility, a primary muscle disease as another >> muscular dystrophy but I would not expect this to be as sudden with high CK,.... toxin exposures of scertain types may do this...

Anthony Bray MD :

Yes the CK level is too high....

Anthony Bray MD :

Unless we are talking in terms of different units....

Customer: What is normal range?
Anthony Bray MD :

total CK is usually 38 to 120 ng/mL >> if different units are being used then this may be a different normal range...

Customer: Was unit 2-3
Customer: The test
Anthony Bray MD :

??? please try to clarify the last...

Customer: Is it life threatening ?
Anthony Bray MD :

Yes it could be. The very high CK levels (if we are speaking in same units may lead into renal failure)

Customer: Apparently they test for different things in units , 1 heart 2 skeletal muscles and I forgot the third.
Anthony Bray MD :

Right, I realize that. This was the total for normal which includes the muscle fraction....

Customer: So the trace blood in all three urine tests may be a marker ?
Anthony Bray MD :

Have him push fluids as this helps to protect the kidneys....

Anthony Bray MD :

It could be a marker of certain auto-immune disease for one possibility

Customer: He drinks half a cup and says he is full, same for food after 4-5 mouthfuls
Anthony Bray MD :

Have him drink a little at a time all through the day. When they get him to hospital they may place him on IV fluids as part of treatment....

Anthony Bray MD :

The mass in the tibia probably needs to be biopsied as well. I think going stright to ER would get him the full evaluation that he needs the fastest....

Anthony Bray MD :

I hope that this helps. Let me know if you have further questions/information/ discussion and I will be happy to get back with you!

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