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Dr. Nomi
Dr. Nomi, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 1988
Experience:  Medical Doctor,UK
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I have had a headache for 3 days. I am worried because 3

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I have had a headache for 3 days. I am worried because 3 days before the headache started I tried to force an underground pimple to pop on my lower right cheek. I am worried I pushed bacteria into my face and that it has caused a cavernous sinus thrombosis -- I saw that as a possibility on the Internet. I'm scared
Dr. Nomi :

Have you checked fever?

Dr. Nomi :

What is the nature of headache?

Customer: No fever
Dr. Nomi :

Like throbbing,constant ,stabbing or what?

Customer: Behind eyes and forehead area
Customer: Throbbing
Dr. Nomi :

Is there eyes swelling?

Customer: Right eyelid was swollen slightly on Saturday but not anymore
Dr. Nomi :

Have you ever experienced such pain before ?Is this sharp and severe?

Customer: Not sharp continually but sharper twinges every once in awhile. I do get headaches sometimes with weather change but don't last this long
Dr. Nomi :

In light of all this I will suggest you to see your primary care physician for an examination.I do not want to scare you but better to get examined and get timely treatment.

Customer: Do you think I have this?
Dr. Nomi :

Nature of pain along with eye swelling is not a good sign.

Dr. Nomi :

3o % chance is that it is thrombosis pain.

Customer: My eyelid is not swollen anymore
Dr. Nomi :

However,a cluster headache do present in the same manner.

Dr. Nomi :

But cluster headache is a benign headache.

Customer: How common is this from a pimple?
Dr. Nomi :

But it was swollen cannot ignore it.

Customer: What type of test should doctor run
Dr. Nomi :

It is not very common .It happen only in 5 % of people but who knows if you are in those unlucky few.

Dr. Nomi :


Dr. Nomi :

But first take 2 Aleve.

Customer: Well now I'm petrified
Dr. Nomi :

If pain settle up with Aleve or Panadol then

Dr. Nomi :

and does not come back ,its not thrombosis.

Customer: If it goes away with meds does that mean it is not thrombosis
Dr. Nomi :


Dr. Nomi :

Thrombosis pain main feature is that it does not go away easily.

Customer: What if it goes away but comes back ... What is timeframe for coming back
Dr. Nomi :

It should come back within 24 hours to be a thrombosis .

Dr. Nomi :

Thrombosis pain is hard to handle and it takes his patient forcefully to ER.You cannot tolerate it.

Dr. Nomi :

Wish you good health.

Customer: Would I have other symptoms as well. What would they be
Dr. Nomi :

blurring of vision or any other eye changes ,dizziness etc.

Dr. Nomi :

Can happen with thrombosis .Some time fever as well.Some time a bad headache is only feature.

Customer: My primary doctor is unavailable today ... What should I do
Dr. Nomi :

First take a pain killer.No need to worry.You can go to ER directly.

Dr. Nomi :

Hopefully ,it will settle after pain killer.

Customer: How long should I give the pain killer
Dr. Nomi :

Give it atleast 3 to 4 hours.Take rest by curtains down.No computer ,no TV ,no phones etc.

Dr. Nomi :


Customer: Thank you
Dr. Nomi :

Welcome .

Dr. Nomi :


smile please

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