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My dad had nose bleeding for five times since last monday we

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My dad had nose bleeding for five times since last monday we took him to emergency last friday and they burned it but tonight again he had bleeding and I took him to emergency they said we can't doanything he needs to see a otolaryngology what is the reason of his bleeding and who is the best doctor to take him thanks alot
Is he taking any drugs like warfarin or aspirin?
Is he suffering from liver disease?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

not any drug and for liver he didnt have problem but just in case if there is something wrong with hisliver how doctor can tell do they know with some blood test or examing?


Yes,through blood tests we can check his liver health.But liver problem do not stay hidden and is revealed by other symptoms like weight loss,pale discoloration of skin etc.One reason behind nose bleeds is hypertension.I am sure he has been tested in ER for all these causes and now they think it is some specific cause which should be seen by ENT surgeon.Like a deflected nasal septum can cause nose bleed again and again.This septum can be corrected only by an ENT surgeon.
Any more questions please feel free to ask.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

he had many different type of blood test in ER and everything was ok do they have all type of tests in ER ? and also i want to know is hony good for him and also could you please recomend me a good ENT surgeon thanks alot no answer im still waiting



Sorry for my late reply.Yes ,in ER they normally do all related tests.He should avoid honey as it increases metabolic rate and hence bleeding can recur.It is not a proven myth however it has been seen that honey should be avoided in such cases.Cannot recommend a good ENT as I am in UK.Any ENT can deal with this problem.