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My wife recently went through a really bad September which

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My wife recently went through a really bad September which saw her int the Emergency room three times and at her doctors twice, finnishing with a 5 day stay in the hospital.
Looking back at the labs that were taken her doctor finally diagnosed her after she had been discharged with septus, or a bacterial infection of the blood. My complaint is that bacteria showed up in her very first labs, why would this not have been explored...?
First labs should have indicated some sort of infection in body but have not told about type of bacteria involved.To know the bacterial type we have to undergo blood culture whose results take 3 weeks to come.Normally ,when a person gets infection his body natural defenses combat invading organisms .In some people with weak immune system or when invading agent or infection is bigger the immune system fails and they develop sepsis.Thats why she was taken as a case of septicemia after recurrence of infection.Bacteria was told when culture results came.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

So do I have something to complain to the hospital about? The first two times the ED released her they prescribed pain killers only, considering the infection minor because her white blood cell count was not elevated... probably because she already had sepsis. I am not interested in suing anyone, its against my religion, I just think the ED protocol was problematic and wanted to share that with them if it was true. Her doctor told her yesterday if she had not been admitted when she was she could have begun experiencing organ failure.

First time when his wbc count was fine there was no need to admit her or give antibiotics.Any minor illness can result in sepsis and no doctor can tell in advance that where things will lead .Because it all depends upon persons immunity.His doctor is right.But still ED staff are humans.I do not say its their fault but again sepsis cases are confusing in medical field.You give meds to some one for normal respiratory infection and he present after few days with septicemia.
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