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I am 49 years old and have not had a period in almost two

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I am 49 years old and have not had a period in almost two years. 2 days ago I began feeling a weird sensation around the middle/top of my pubic bone. It is very similar to the "zinging" sensation I used to feel during ovulation, however, this is happening in the wrong area. I don't believe I have a bladder infection, as I have no issues with urinating, and no blood in urine. The sensation happens about every 20 seconds or so. I have no vaginal discharge either. Everything appears fine otherwise. Anyone have any ideas about this? Thanks
Can you more fully describe the feeling?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It's a quick, split second sensation that is neither achy or painful. It reminds of the zinging sensation when ovulating. It is also similar to the sensation of what I can only describe as a quick, light, electric shock. It is aprox. 4-5 inches down from my belly button. It is a very small area that is involved. Just a little larger than a postage stamp. The sensation has not moved. I am in good condition otherwise.

Any tenderness there?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No tenderness. Could this be the very beginning of a bladder infection?

I don't recall ever having one before.

OK. Sorry for the questions but I wanted to make sure what we were dealing with here. Certainly, as you said, not related to ovaries or urterus or periods. There can be a condition called symphysis pubis disorder which is an inflammation of the center of the pubic bone, but I think this is really referred pain from bladder irritation and you may indeed have the beginnings of a bladder infection. That said, for now, I suggest you drink plenty of fluids along with cranberry juice and see how it goes because most of these run their course over a few days and don't require antibiotics
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