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I have some form of IBS-constipation&evacuation problem I'd

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Hi I have some form of IBS-constipation&evacuation problem I'd like to know if removing stools delicately with a finger is an acceptable way to evacuate sometimes or maybe it hurts the natural reflex to evacuate?
First please tell me more about the problem
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The stool is not packed from a long time. Less than a day.

I usually evacuate about 5 times per day times about 45 minutes each time. It takes a while .. even if stools are soft it takes a while to get out.

I eat lots of fiber and drink lots of water.

How long has this been going on and have you had a workup for IBS?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

About 2 years but it got worse in the last year.

I saw a gastro-enterologist he did a quick checkup and told me : You have IBS eat fiber LOL

Also saw a nutritionnist once.

But I'm now looking for an appointment with a gastroenterologist who also specializes in Pelvi-Perineology

OK--back to your question. While it's OK to gently use your finger, maybe with a little vaseline on it, to loosen and evacuate some of the stool, if you didn't it very frequently you could stretch the anal sphincter and weaken it or you could even cause an anal fissure. So, basically, maybe once in a while is OK but really the best thing to do is just to evacuate when it's time and not worry about the stool that's left behind.
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