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29 years old male. ( married one kid) Received unprotected

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29 years old male. ( married one kid)
Received unprotected Oral Sex for 5 minutes did not ejaculate from unknown person. (4 July 2012)
Here is the symptom history
Tingling in feet hands head and other parts of body (starting day 1 for 7 days) Resolved after taking additional Anxiety medication Neuxam
1- Itching in Testes and Urethera (on and off in first 6 weeks)
2- Inflammation in testes or penis (3 weeks later)
3- Premature ejaculation (3 weeks to 6 weeks)
4- Severe Inflammation in Penis and Scrotum (at 7 weeks ) resolved after taking Novidat (Antibiotic for UTI) and Falgyl in 2 days
5- redness of scrotum (at 8 weeks) taking Ciproxin (Taking Sitz Bath) and resolved after one week also took voren (anti Inflammatory)
6- Inflammation of Rectum (difficulty passing stool (at 9 weeks) continued for one week and reduced itself treated with a Cream
7- Pain on ejaculation (at 9.5 weeks) happened for 3 to 4 times by performing sex or masturbation
8- Inflammation of Knees and joint pain (at 10 Weeks) resolved itself
9- Feeling of tiredness and fatigue (at 11 weeks) continued increases after ejaculation
10- Chest( on heart side) and back pain (at 11 weeks) some times mild, some times increases (I have a history of Panic Attack with chest pain in feb 2011)
11- Hip Joint pain (at 11.5 weeks) continued
12- Heel Pain (at 12.5 weeks)
at almost 3 months (on 1 October 2012) following symptoms are happening (others symptoms are not recurring)
1- hip joint pain, Feeling of mild paralysis in hips
2- knee joint pain, light inflammation after ejaculation
3- chronic fatigue which increases after ejaculation feeling very heavy while standing
4- Heel Pain
5- Chest( on heart side) and back pain (Probably due to anxiety of non Diagnosis, but may be some other reason as it is not going away after taking anxiety medicine)
Urine Analysis clear at 1 week and 3 weeks
HepA/B/C/ HIV clear at 1 week and also again clear at 12 weeks
Uretheral Swab and culture, and Semen analysis and Culture Clear or normal at 8 weeks
Consulted with two urologists (for Penis/ Scrotum/ Prostrate issues) and one Gastroenterologist for Rectum inflammation
No Diagnosis by any of the doctors! Please advise What doctor to see, what further tests to perform, what type on infection or disease this is. Please Help
Have mental Issues
panic attack ( chest pain ) in Feb 2011
Delusions in March 2012
taking medication Zeldox/ Ziprawin, for delusion
anti depressants
anxiety medication Neuxam
Dr. Tim, MD :

Hello, I would be happy to help you today - please give me a minute to review your question.

Dr. Tim, MD :

Please give me a minute to review your question.




I cant see any answer

Please tell me, were ANY of these symptoms present BEFORE the oral sex?
Please see my question above - we will continue in this different format.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Only chest pain used to happen rarely

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Sir, any idea what kind of infection I am having

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Please do Give a reply thanks, ***** ***** a relevant doctor

I am trying to post an answer, but it keeps blanking out when you post a reply - please give me a minute!

I agree, there is definitely a concern about an STD from this encounter. One thing that I am thinking might be a possibility is related to gonnorhea. I know that you were tested for this, but it might very well fit. It can become disseminated and go to other parts of the body, and there is a description of it causing a type of arthritis. If you were googling it, you would put in "disseminated gonococcal infection". Here are the test that might be done to diagnose this:

1. At least two sets of blood cultures should be obtained from all patients with suspected DGI. Cultures are diagnostic when positive, and are also helpful in separating DGI from other conditions.

2. Patients with the clinical features of DGI should have synovial, skin, urethral or cervical cultures, and rectal cultures submitted on Thayer-Martin media. Approximately 50 percent of patients with DGI have positive cultures from one of the last three mucosal sites. If associated urethritis (pain in the urethra) is simultaneously present, a Gram stain of the urethral exudate should be obtained and examined for the presence of the gram negative diplococci characteristic of N. gonorrhoeae infection.

So in other words, you need further evaluation. This might involve going back to RE-SWAB the urethra and LOOKING AT IT under a microscope to see if these bacteria are present. If there is significant joint involvement, there might even need to be sampling of fluid from a joint. My strongest recommendation is that you seek an opinion from an INFECTIOUS DISEASE specialist.

I hope this is a good start - please let me know if you have more questions and I will continue to help you through this!.

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