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26 years old and in my 7th week of pregnancy. About 1 & 1/2

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26 years old and in my 7th week of pregnancy. About 1 & 1/2 hrs ago I started having mild pain on the left side of my abdomin. It has since gone away but I worry about ectopic pregnancy. I've had no bleeding or spotting, or any other symptoms aside from I noticed today my breasts did not seem as sore. My appointment is next Friday, is this something I should worry about or see my dr earlier? It's my first pregnancy and I'm very nervous and apprehensive. Thanks
Dr. Pfeiffer :


Dr. Pfeiffer :

usually with an ectopic pregnancy the pain continues to increase and becomes unbearable. The fact that it went away is a good sign because that's not what we usually see.

Dr. Pfeiffer :

If this happens again over the weekend and becomes more severe I would go to the ER for an evaluation.

If the pain doesn't return, you might call your doctor on Monday and see if he/she can get you in earlier for an ultrasound.

Dr. Pfeiffer :

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Dr. Pfeiffer

Customer: Thank you I definitely feel better about it, I have a tendency to worry and worry and research don't always lead to peace haha.
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