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My husband has mood swings like a woman and often acts and

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My husband has mood swings like a woman and often acts and responds to things, such as disappointment and change, like a woman. I also have struggled with his distance during intimate times. He says he is just that way. Recently there was a dramatic change in his overall mood and his approach to me in and out of the bedroom was more along the lines of a normal male. After a few weeks I flippantly asked him if he was taking anything. He responded that yes he had taken some steroids to assist his healing in his shoulder he injured last spring. Since then he has gone off the supplements and gradually he is has returned right back to the old causes many disagreements and stress between us. Can his mood swings be a lack of testosterone or excess of estrogen in his system? If so, how can I encourage him to get this looked into without insulting him?
Yes ,there is strong possibility that he is having low testosterone levels.However,nothing to worry.You will be happy to find that you can stimulate his hormones by using certain foods and without hurting his ego.These foods are shell fish ,oysters,eggs,pistachios,red meat,garlic,red beans etc.Try using this in diet they will elevate his mood and his responses.
I wish you all the best.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for your answer. I will try this, he is a former bodybuilder and keeps to a restricted diet, are egg whites as effective or will he require the yolk too?

Whites are not effective .He has to take yolks for this purpose.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Dr. Nomi

My husband tells me that the steroid he was taking was Deca. Upon reading up on it, I found that is should decrease his testosterone. I am confused. This man was a totally different man, and without the steroid he is almost unbearable. Is it possible that this is too much estrogen and not a lack of testosterone?

He once told me that during his times of serious bodybuiding and competitions he and his ex-wife didn't fight for 8 years. After he quit their relationship went down hill.

He has always been moody and frankly I blamed myself for it till now. For nearly 3 weeks we had this incredibly explosive, passionate, and fun relationship. Now he is back to the old moods and fight picking, he actually has almost a stressful vibration that comes off him and I tend to shy away from it. Can you tell me more about harmone imbalance in the male?

Both hormones (testosterone and estrogen) are derived from steroids .Steroids themselves are culprit of causing euphoria .So whenever he takes steroids he gets a 'high' with them and remain in nice state of mind always receptive and happy.However,these mood swings are some time indicate 'bipolar disorder' in someone and living with that person is a test of patience.I think his hormones are fine over all.He must be suffering from a personality disorder.However,we can try giving him a testosterone stimulative booster.Maybe it will work.If you just get a look at bipolar disorder in this link:
Maybe it is bipolar.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

hmmm not sure I totally agree, but I am not an expert. Definately something is wrong and it effects us.

I will have to sit on this one and just figure out how to encourage him to be tested in some way.

Thank you.

but please handle all patiently.