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Dr. David
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My MRI results are saying: 1. Mildly heterogeneous axillary

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My MRI results are saying:
1. Mildly heterogeneous axillary capsular soft tissues with minimal surrounding adema, a nonspecific finding that can be seen with adhesive capsulitis. Clinically correlate.
2. Moderate focal anterior infraspinatus tendinosis. No rotator cuff tear. Minimal subacromial/subdeltoid bursitis.
3. Minimal intramuscular edema within teres minor and deltoid muscles, a finding that can be seen with early quadrilateral space syndrome.
What does all this mean? Thanks!
Dr. David :

Hello. It sounds like you got an MRI study of your shoulder. I'm guessing that this was performed because you are having some shoulder pain issues, difficulty with moving your shoulder, or perhaps both and your doctor wanted to see what is going on in there. 1) This says that you may have a condition known as "frozen shoulder" otherwise known as "Capsulitis". If you are having restricted movement in your shoulder, then this may be the cause of it. 2) There is some inflammation in the tendons which connect the muscles to the bones. However, there is no tearing of the rotator cuff which is good news. Tendonitis or tendonosis is a common cause of shoulder pain. 3) Sometimes shoulder pain can be caused by muscles pressing on a nerve, this is sometimes called "quadrilateral space syndrome". Your doctor will use this information along with your medical history and physical examination to come up with a diagnosis for you. From what you have written, it doesn't sound like anything serious. I hope that helps. Dr. David

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