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33 year old male African American. I been in good healthy up

Customer Question

I am A 33 year old male African American. I been in good healthy up until 3 months ago. I was very stressed from work and doing heavy lifting as A meat industry process worker in a cold enviroment and suddenly I started experiencing viral infection symptoms sharp aching pains on the back side of my left leg behind the knee it would come and go and then the sharp aching pain in my left wrist and I started having A indigestion feeling in the center of my chest and I started having palpatations at work and when I sleep at night and a sharp aching muscle pains in the corner of my arm creases and very hard lumps would appear and hurt at night and I couldnt get any sleep and barely eating the pain would go away during day but I would dread nights because of the pain. I went to my doctor right away and explained all my symptoms He said its probably just indigestion or acid reflux. i went to my doctor numerous times before he ordered A stress test be done, I had A stress test, holter monitor test and A echo stress test done and all came back good. Then one night as i was sleep I was awakened out of my sleep in pain and palpatations and i felt a painful stinging feeling in my left lymph node in the crease area above my left breast it felt like a hard sting and I went to the emergency room right away and the doctors said everything was good and they took FBC and sent the results to my doctor. I did a follow up with my doctor he said my blood work was good except for one thing my WBC was down to 2.1 range and i must have had a viral infection but i was still having the muscle aches at night but the palpatation symptoms would only occur sometimes. So he ordered more blood tests and the results showed my WBC was returning to normal 3.1 but the next week or so I returned to him with a weird sensation of a wet water drippining sensation from only the left side crease area about the breast. i could feel this sensation drip down my left side only from the crease above my left breast and down my left side and down my legs. It seems like all my symptoms was appearing on my left side and i went back to my doctor for several consulations and was told the weird sensations would go away and he never heard of this. Well I been through every blood test numerous FBC (e) Influenza Ab (s) BFV Ab (s) RRV Ab Haematology - RCC MCV WCC PLT, Clinical Chemistry - BILI ALP AST ALT GGT LDH, CHOL NA K CL HCO3 C U URAT GLUC PROT ALB PHOS CA CRP, Microbiology - MAT RPR CMV Microbiology - EBV Microbiology - HEP1 HEPC Immunology - ANA , FBC ESR, CRP MG CK, Inoized calcium, TSH, FBE ELF7, EBV, SYPH, CMV, HIV, HEP B + C. All tests came back normal After 10 follow ups with my doctor since my symptoms started he finally referred me to A Haemotologist. I have became chronic Neutropenia WBC 2.9 (Neut 1.09) OE A - Natural B - RR16, SpO2 100% RA C - HR 74 - BP 143/84 D - GCS 15 E4M6V5 Urine - <10 leucs, <10 eryth, <10 Hb 140 U+E LFT unremarkable Li epith My doctor said it's nothing more He can do for me and I have A very high risk catching infections which has scared me crazy and he said i should avoid going to movies and out in public or shopping. I have became chronic Neutropenia 1.1 and my urine is always yellow but I havent had no fevers or blood in urine or stool or no swollen lymph nodes. I have just started to experience in the last few weeks a rash on both my should ( fine little dark dots and my skin would flare up and burn on both my arms and back and i would put cream on as my doctor said it was Keratosis pilaris. the cream has helped with the rash but everytime I eat anykind of food I itch all over my body now the itching is all over my arms back and legs with no visible signs of a rash just plain itching then it stops and goes away but returns soon as I eat anything. i try not to eat anything at night because i usually wake up to skin flares in the middle of the night and sweats in the chest area. My left 2 fingers on my left hand (pinky and ring finger) and palms sweat and turn extremely cold in temperature changes at night and mornings and the same goes for my left feet as the sweat out this sticky sweaty substance and the toes feel very ice cold but not numb. This only happens at mostly nights. My 1st consultation with my haemotologist he suggested 3 things could be going on i either have A large Spleen, or my blood cells could be sweating out or I have a autoimmune disease or my body has just developed into this way so he ordered CT chest/abdomen/pelvis with contrast and MRI scan reviewed by radiology department & Haemotologist said MRI came back normal just showed some general bone disease. Haemotologist ordered a biopsy lymphocyte markers on marrow and blood, granulocyte antibody, ANF anti DNA and ENA if positive, CCP antibody, Coombs's test. E/LFT, retculocyte count, quatitative immunoglobulins, B12 and folate, active B12, S EPP, serum free light chains, bone marrow aspiration and trephine & chromosomes and FBC. am i at risk of cancer
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Camille-Moderator replied 5 years ago.

Hi, I'm a moderator for this topic. I've been working hard to find a Professional to assist you right away, but sometimes finding the right professional can take a little longer than expected. I wonder whether you're ok with continuing to wait for an answer. If you are, please let me know and I will continue my search. If not, feel free to let me know and I will cancel this question for you. Thank you!