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I'm a 40-yr old man. From age 20 to about 35 I was a

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I'm a 40-yr old man. From age 20 to about 35 I was a social/occasional binge drinker. For the past five years I would say I've been a heavy drinker ... 4-8 drinks a night 3-4 times a week ... Tis year it's gotten worse ... 4-8 most weeknights and 8-12 most weekend days/nights. I just decided to quit a week ago, and I have a physical scheduled for tomorrow. I had. Clean liver test two years ago, but now I'm very afraid of the results. Is thereany hope they won't be terrible? Also, would it help at all if I reschedule the exam for a month from now, when I have a little more sobriety under my belt?
You may , if you are not having problems, delay your visit for 4-6 weeks while completely abstaining as that may give your liver a chance to settle down and any inflammation from alcohol may be less when you have blood tests. Everyone's response to alcohol varies. Clearly, you would be considered a heavy drinker. You may or may not have fibrosis, scarring, or even cirrhosis and that will be for you Dr. to test for. The liver can regenerate to an extent and if you abstain completely you may have a good prognosis.
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