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DR DAVID nutritional assistance please =) Thnx #7

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DR DAVID nutritional assistance please =) Thnx

#7 /sandrabarton/status/242037162680406016/photo/1



So sorry this one came out sideways...I am trying to make them so they are pictured correctly



NOTE: once you click the link, and then enlargen the image, you can scroll up and down on the photo/images in case part of the recipe has a gray area over it

Dr. David :

#7 Sorry, I couldn't open this one.


Dr. David :

#8 Portobello Melts with Smoky Red Pepper Mayo. This one looks very tasty. It could be used as a light snack or side-dish for a bigger meal. Again, a home-made or natural mayo would be more nutritious. Most kinds of mayo that come from the store are made mostly from soybean oi, canola oil, or other vegetable oil, and are generally not that healthy.

Dr. David :

#9 Mediterranean Flatbread Sandwiches. This one is very high in carbs and should be eaten sparingly. Perhaps one or two of the flatbread sandwiches could be used as a side dish for a bigger meal that has more protein items.

Dr. David :

#10 Black Pepper Sirloin Wrap with Spread. This one looks very delicious. Free-range organic beef has a somewhat different taste than "regular" beef, but it is much more nutritious. "Natural" beef from Trader Joe's or Whole Foods is definitely a better choice than the beef from most super markets. I think it would be healthier to use a bigger steak and a smaller amount of tortillas in this recipe, and the same cautions about the mayo apply here too.

Dr. David :

#11 Sweet Spiked Pork Sandwiches. This one looks good. It would be more effective for losing weight to limit bread consumption as much as possible. But if the bread is needed to make you feel full and helps you to avoid over-eating, then it is fine to use it as needed.

Dr. David :

#12 Pressed Italian Sandwiches with Pesto. This one looks excellent. I'm a big advocate for prosciutto and mozzarella. I think that this one would be even better without the bread.

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