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What is the subdivision of blood plasma?

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what is the subdivision of blood plasma?
Nurse72 :

Plasma and other elements are the subdivision of blood

Nurse72 :

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Nurse72 :

other elements would include platelets, WBC, RBC

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I know platelets, WBC and RBC are apart of plasma. But is there a sub-division of them?

Let me check my literature and respond shortly
Plasma consists of 90% water and 7-9% proteins
• Water(90%) – dissolves materials (gases, nutrients, etc.) – acts as fluid medium for transport of blood cells and
plasma proteins
• Proteins(7-9%) – Maintain osmotic pressure of blood (albumins) – Lipid transport (globulins) – Immunity (antibodies, complement proteins) – Clotting factors – Various enzymes