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DR, Could you review these recipes for me? There are 6 of

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DR David, Could you review these recipes for me? There are 6 of them that I pulled out of a cook book. I am trying to play around with some of them and would like to purchase ingredients so I can try them out and stick them on my monthly food calendar. I'd just like to know if they would help me on my weight loss, healthy eating journey. Its hard for me to determine info regarding carbs/sugars/fat are the links if you could just give me a couple sentences per link, thx


#2 ###-####photo/1





If you click those links, and then reclick on the image, it will become enlarged. VERY small, underneath the cooking directions will show a nutritional guide/facts for that recipe. If one of the links leads to a page with 2 recipes on will always be the recipe on the top...if there happens to be a second recipe below would be an add on to the recipe on the top...for instance like a sauce or toast that would go good with it. So in that case, please disregard the lower recipe UNLESS its something like....Chicken with Parmesan Sauce...then I'll try to make sure both recipes show. Thx ~~ So all and all...If you want to give it an "A, B, C, D" grade etc....and then mention something about it like its too salty...or too many carbs....or rather...."Leave this item out if you can" or substitute this item with that item.....whatever is worth mentioning...hopefully I dont drive you crazy with this! =) I mainly just want you to just kind of do a quick glance at the ingredients...and then give me a heads up from there, I dont want you thinking I need it analysed down to the last bit...just a brief thing.....they came out of a "cooking Light" cookbook....Im happy to pass on any of them....but if some of them do look REALLY good and I would want to try...just give it a lower grade and then I'll try it down the road vs now... Thx for the reviews.... btw the photos for each of these look DECLIOUSSS mmmm!                

Dr. David :

#3 Greens Beans & Bacon. This one looks wonderful! I bet that the Chili sauce would taste good in this recipe. Try to get the bacon from Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or some other natural food store. It doesn't need to be "Organic", but it would be great to avoid the bacon from a regular market.

Dr. David :

#1 Smoky Black Bean Soup with Avocado Lime Salsa. This one looks excellent. It has some good spicy herbs in it and the avocado is a great source of fats. I would suggest using full-fat sour cream instead of "low-fat" or "non-fat" because the vitamins are contained in the fat.

Dr. David :

#2 Sorry, I'm having trouble opening this one. #4 Jamaican Red Bean and Rice Soup. This one has a lot of carbs from the rice and beans. It's great that there is bacon in it, but there is relatively much more carbohydrates. This one could be used on occasion to help with cravings for starchy foods. It would be better not to have it more than a few times per week. If you could get rice that you boil instead of the "microwave" rice that it recommends, I think it would be a bit healthier.

Dr. David :

#5 Chicken-Vegetable-Barley Soup. This one looks great. It has some carbs from the Barley and toast, but the protein from the chicken breast and cheese balances it out nicely. Natural or home-made mayo would be healthier.

Dr. David :

#6 Chicken Egg Drop Soup. This one is great too. Be sure to use the free-range and organic eggs and chic***** *****ke we talked about before. There is an excellent recipe for chicken broth in the Nourishing Traditions book. It would be much more nutritious to make the broth at home, but it does take some added time and effort.

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