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Dr. Owen
Dr. Owen, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  Board Certified Physician and US Medical School Graduate
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In the last 1 month my blood pressure been low 20 time low

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in the last 1 month my blood pressure been low 20 time low like 110 over65 and today it been lower 102, 103 105 95 over60 to 70
Dr. Owen : Hello, and I am pleased to help, use of my answers are for educational purposes only.
Dr. Owen : What medications are you on?
Dr. Owen : Are you dehydrated...
Dr. Owen : Any medical problems?

no medicine and no medical problem

Dr. Owen : Are you having any symptoms, such as a headache, light-headedness?

i check my blood pressure in the last 110 time they are 9 time below99-94 60 time below 110-100 38 time 119-111 3 time above 120

Dr. Owen : okay - why are you checking your blood pressure so much?
Dr. Owen : And, What symptoms do you have?

some days light head and i eat 2 bags of salt peanut

about 4 month ago i went to dr about getting real dizzle he said i didnt have enought salt in my body and he took blood everything came back ok

Dr. Owen : What kind of doctor were you seing?
Dr. Owen : seeing?
Dr. Owen : And, what were the blood tests?

famliy dr

Dr. Owen : okay -
Dr. Owen : Well at this point you should get sen by a cardiologist given you are 54 to make sure your heart is working correctly and you probably will need a 'Stress' Test too.
Dr. Owen : Usually we do not get too concerned with low blood pressure, it is usually high blood pressure we are concerned about
Dr. Owen : but, since you do have some symptoms, have your family doctor refer you to a Cardioloigsit for a further evaluation
Dr. Owen : I hope this helps

so it ok to be below 100

Dr. Owen : Yes, blood pressure is okay below a 100, it is not an emergency, but you should get this evaluated by a cardiologist
Dr. Owen : I hope this helps

ok thanks

Dr. Owen : Please click on EXCELLENT service
Dr. Owen : thank you
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