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Nurse72, Nurse (RN)
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I'd like to go for HIV PCR RNA Test, how should i wait

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I'd like to go for HIV PCR RNA Test, how long should i wait before doing the test after the exposure to get accurate results ?
Nurse72 : It is usually advised to have a test right away and then another in 3 months.
Nurse72 : It may or may not show up with the first test. It should be accurate by the second test
Nurse72 : When was the exposure?

2 days back it was not really an exposure, It was protected but it was with sex worker so am still kind of worried

Nurse72 : It seems you may be having trouble with the chat
Nurse72 : Ill switch to the Q&A format

yes but i can't wait for 3 months, am talking about PCR RNA test which suppose to give result in 2 weeks right

Nurse72 : I understand
Nurse72 : Youre probably fine but should test for peace of mind

I heard PCR RNA test give accurate result in 9-11 days .. thats what CDC site says

Nurse72 : It can if you have produced sufficient antibodies
Nurse72 : If negative you should still retest

r u sure ?

Nurse72 : It can give an accurate positive not an accurate negative
Nurse72 : Yes I'm sure
Nurse72 : I'm sure this is very stressfull for you
Nurse72 : Im sorry
Nurse72 : Im sure you'll be fine since you were protected

what i undestand that HIV PCR test look for the virus itself

Nurse72 : You may not have enough of the virus yet to detect

so why would the CDC says it takes 9-11 to detect

Nurse72 : 9-11 to detect a positive but not all positives. Read it carefully
Nurse72 : It can in some cases detect a positive that early

hmm most of the doctors have adviced me to do the test after 2 weeks and it would be accurate that time

Nurse72 : No that is not what the standards are

then what are the standards ?

Nurse72 : To test and then retest in 3 months

thats for the antibody test ?


thats what i was told

Nurse72 : For any HIV test
Nurse72 : Feel free to ask for a second opinion

hmm well u r the first to tell this, I am sure many doctors even on the site won't agree


anyway thanks for ur help

Nurse72 : As I said, you're probably fine since you were protected. Best of luck to you
Nurse72 : Prayers your way : )

so you think i dont need to do the test ?

Nurse72 : I think you should do it for peace of mind for you. I can see you're distressed about it
Nurse72 : Infection from protected sex is unlikely



but whats the difference between PCR test and the antibodies then ?


if both to be done after 3 months

Nurse72 : One gives you levels the other is positive or negative

hmm anyway i think i better go to the hospital and seek doctor's advice


thanks anyways

Nurse72 : Best wishes
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I've talked to a lab doctor and he told me 2 weeks test for PCR RNA would be fine and enough. The advise of doing a test of 3 months is only as regular checking. so i believe i should be releaved after doing the test in 2 weeks since i wan't exposed to high risk since i was protected ? right

that should be sufficient
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