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July 28th, 2012 I just turned 30. A few while out, I felt

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July 28th, 2012 I just turned 30. A few while out, I felt really dizzy and sick. For the past month off and on, out of the blue my body temp will get really hot, my heart pounds hard in my chest and I feel like I am going to pass out but I never do. After episode I am left with chills and trembled. It went away for 2 weeks then came back out of the blue. Besides all those other symptoms, I Sometimes I have mild abdominal pain after I eat and have to go to the bathroom. I decided to check out at hospital and they said my heart and blood are fine. Do you have any idea what it could be? This is so upsetting my daily life.
Nurse72 : Do you have any history of anxiety?

No. I ususally handle pressure really well. Nothing that's ever made me feel this way before. Especially if I just woke up and was not thinking about anything before got hot flashes and dizzy. Would that be a symptom from anxiety?

Nurse72 : Yes it sounds like an anxiety attack. They can manifest at unusual times and be accompanied by other odd symptoms
Nurse72 : I'm glad you had your heart checked
Nurse72 : Another possibility could be an over active thyroid
Nurse72 : Do you have weight loss or heat intolerance?

That is what someone mention, regarding the Thyroid. I have been getting really warm lately.

Nurse72 : This can be checked with simple blood tests TSH t3 and t4


Nurse72 : It may be a good idea to check your thyroid before assuming its anxiety

The Hospital checked my blood and looked for diabetes, anemia and nutrition. Would they have also looked for Thyroid issues?

Nurse72 : No, that's not a routine test like the others

I can imagine that the lack of not knowing what it is, is causing me to get anxiety and build up the stress of this coming on. I will absolutely check for the Thyroid issue with them. Is it an easy fix if it was Thyroids? Can it be treated and not effect me anymore :-)?

Nurse72 : If it is an over active thyroid their is treatment, they can either remove the thyroid or radiate it to stop it from functioning.
Nurse72 : After this is done you would need to take a thyroid supplement

Okay, thank you! I will go this week and appreciate your advice!

Nurse72 : Youre welcome : )
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