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my son age 16 woke up from his sleep 6 months ago with a very

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my son age 16 woke up from his sleep 6 months ago with a very sore head and sickness and when he was sick got very dizzy then his symptoms changed to 24 hour a day dizzy and terrible balance and now he has got nystagmus eyes . he was in hospital they did tests but found nothing . when he was 13 he collapsed at home and was very dizzy and saw double . after that when ever he had a cold he always seemed very ill . then at 14 he starting having jaults in his leg and arm .he still get the jaults now and then. then all this happened 6 months ago and he is extremly tired .
It is my pleasure to help you today
he should have ear exam by ENT dr done to rule out inner ear problem that may be causing this as well as VNG (videonystagraphy )test done
he also should do brain MRI and EEG to check for any brain problems that may be causing that
and lastly he should have 24 hrs holter EKG or portable EKG to check for any irregular heart beats that may disrupt the normal pumping of the heart causing less blood going to the brain and causing such dizziness and symptoms as well as orthostatic blood pressure measuring

I Hope he gets better soon

Any other questions let me know
if I was able to help you your (EXCELLENT) rating is very important to me so I would get compensated for my time and answer
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

do you think this could be symptoms of ms

MS has very non specific symptoms. It is very unlikely this would be MS. However if he is going to do MRI anyway it would rule it out
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

eeg was done when he was 14 it was clear mri was done 2 months ago it was clear ct was done also 2 months ago it was clear the only thing was his lumber puncture was white cell was at 4 which is passable but only just then they repeated it 3 weeks later and it was at 0 where it should be. do you think these tests should be repeated .

the fact that it all came back negative that it is a good sign that would exclude serious diseases and of course MS there is no need to repeat them the only thing now is the ear exam and VNG to be done