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Dr. Owen
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Dr., I know I am bothering you a lot lately, but I have one

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Dr. David,
I know I am bothering you a lot lately, but I have one more question bothers me a lot. I got this canker sore inside my upper lip a week ago, but it is still there. The pain is almost gone, it is just little pain sometimes, however canker sore is still there. On the net I was reading this might be immune system issue and here mwe go I am here with my anxiety again as you can see from previous posts. What do you think? ( i get this kind of canker sores since i was little for once or twice a year) the issue now it has been a week or 8 days and it is still there... Am I worrying and bringing my fear back about aids for nothing again? Thanks a lot
Dr. Owen : Hello, and I am pleased to help, use of my answers are for educational purposes only.
Dr. Owen : Hello canker sores are usually due to HSV, herpes, and the way to help this into
Dr. Owen : The way to help this is to have a prescription available for Valtrex or Acyclovir
Dr. Owen : Also, sometimes an over the counter product called Abreva might be helpful.
Dr. Owen : But, I can honestly tell you that this is not due to HIV.
Dr. Owen : I hope this helps
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Dr. Owen : THANK YOU
Customer: Thanks a bunch. My fear is it did not go away after 7-8 days. I read stuff that it would be immune issue, etc. makes me so worried and bring my anxieties as you can see from my previous posts. Are you saying that even if it doesn't go away quick enough, it still is not about aids?
Dr. Owen : Well the reason why you get herpes outbreaks is becuase of the occassional weakened immune system and Not becaues of AIDS
Dr. Owen : So this is not aids, this is due to herpes, this is extremely common,
Dr. Owen : If you really are concerned get a HIV test and it will more than likely be negative.
Dr. Owen : I hope this helps, please click on EXCELLENT SERVICE
Dr. Owen : THANK YOU
Dr. Owen : The reason why anyone gets canker sores is because they have this herpes virus in their body and the body just occassional will be weak, that is okay. This does Not mean you have herp
Dr. Owen and 5 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Sorry I did not finish my last sentence, but you do not have HIV, or AIDs
If you have further questions, please ask for Dr Owen
Thank you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
One last thing Dr. Owen. Is it normal that the canker sore is still there after 8 days? That was the main reason I was worried. Even if it doesn't go away for an extended period of time, is it still not a sign of aids at all?
Well canker sores do take time to heal, they really do - so not a sign of AIDS
So let it take about 2 weeks to heal
Thank you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok. I know I bothered you a lot, but last thing to clarify. It is inside my mouth, inside part of the lip... Can i use abreva there? Isn't abreva for cold sores happens outside?
You should limit the Abreva to just the outside since that is what the manufacturer recommends - although I have seen people use it for inside the lip too without any harm.
I hope this helps
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok. The reason that I asked that question is not to give you wrong information. I just wanted to make sure that i am clear that it is canker sore which is inside my mouth not a cold sore outside... Even then, your previous answers would stay same you think?
Have a wonderful labor day weekend... And also should i not worry at all if i get another one in another location in my mouth?
You should be fine - and please do not worry about this - you can get one in another location - as this is common for this to occur.
And, my information that I previously gave you stays the same.
I hope this helps
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