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I am worried I may have an std. I have had thrush twice in

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Hi I am worried I may have an std. I have had thrush twice in the last 4 months and now have lower back pain and a sore throat. I am married and have been in my relationship for 6 years, I had a few partners before and didn't always have safe sex. I thought that my smears would detect anything as I have them yearly but the last time I went to the doctors she told me they only tested for irregular changes. I am thinking of going to get tested but I'm worried my husband will think I've cheated on him if I do have anything.

Is the sore throat relatively new? The thrush was diagnosed as such by a doctor?

Any other medical conditions/medications and have you had a recent CBC to look at your white blood cell count?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes I have only had it a few days, I have had on examination by the doctor and she said I have an inflamed cervix - no medication or anything , I told her I thought I had thruSh and she agreed and gave me a pessary for it and I haven't had a CBC.

Sorry--just for clarification--thrush refers to a candida--yeast--infection in the mouth. Are you saying that you just had an inflammed cervix without any vaginal discharge an without culturing your vagina and cervix your doctor treated you as though this were a vaginal yeast infection? Was your PAP smear normal?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I had an itch and discharge so yes a vaginal yeast infection. My smear was clear

OK--Sorry to ask what might seem a stupid question, but why exactly are you concerned about a possible STD, and is it a specific one like HIV or HPV?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Are these symptoms of stds and if I do have one could I only just know about it after 6 years?

I don't think you should worry here. Just a recent sore throat and some back pain are not very specific symptoms and not indicative of any STD. Yeast vaginal infections occur in many women and in themselves are not indicative of any STD. With a normal PAP smear there isn't any evidence for HPV infection. If you're still concerned, talk to your doctor about this concern and get the screening if he thinks it's needed, but I see no reason to think the screening will come back as positive for any STD
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