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Chest heaviness, pain in head and tiredness. What's wrong?

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I have been feeling tired, heaviness in my chest, sometimes feel confused and late has been forgetting what I did or gotta do. A year ago, I did loss my only child in an auto accident. He was 20. I am in a bad marriage where I am often verbally abuse. Im an only child and have a sick mother. I am 40. About 2 months ago, I was in walmart and got a sharp pain in the back of my head. My vision went blurr and ever since than, I havent felt the same. What could be going on?

You have experienced a great level of difficulty ,stress and suffering in your life and that could certainly affect you emotionally and physically . In your case , what you should do is consult a doctor , preferably an Internal Medicine Specialist first . The first step would be to determine if what you have been feeling is caused by an organic condition including :

1- A heart condition like inadequate heart blood flow ( associated to the presence of clots or cholesterol ) , heart disease or the presence of an irregular heart electrical activity . This to evaluate the chest heavy feeling ,fatigue and tiredness.

2-Brain masses ( blurred vision, confusion and memory problems )

3- Irregular electrolyte blood levels( confusion and memory problems )

4-Neurological disease ( forgetting things , blurred vision and headaches )

5-Irregular glucose blood levels ( blurred vision by retinal damage , headaches and fatigue or tiredness)

6- Abnormal or irregular thyroid blood levels ( fatigue )

7-The sharp pain at the back of your head could be attributed to different problems , some of them benign , like migraines , cluster or tension headaches and some of them more serious like brain blood flow obstruction , increased brain fluid , enlarged brain blood vessels, arteriovenous malformation , brain blood vessel inflammation or high blood pressure .

8-Medication side effects

9- Inadequate nutrition specially low B 12 vitamin levels ( confusion , nerve damage ,blurred vision and fatigue )

10- High blood pressure ( headaches )

11- Optic Nerve Inflammation( blurred vision)

12- Glaucoma ( increased internal eye pressure ) ( blurred vision )

Your doctor will need to perform several tests including : a chest X-rays , ECG , heart enzyme blood levels, head CT Scan or MRI , vitamin B12 levels , nerve conduction tests , glucose blood levels , thyroid blood levels , a neurological examination and a complete physical examination ( including your eyes , your heart and your lungs) .

With these tests , your doctor will determine if any of these conditions is producing your symptoms so you can receive an appropriate treatment .

If this is not physical and all the tests are completely normal, your doctor will need to refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist to determine if all these symptoms are caused by an emotional or psychological condition like depression , stress or anxiety . In the somatization process , you body interprets the sadness , depression , anxiety you are feeling and converts them into physical symptoms . In that case , they will treat you with psychotherapy sessions to determine what deep emotional issue could be affecting you to this point so you can manage those issues in a proper way so they do not affect your entire life .

If the symptoms persist after receiving psychotherapy , your doctor will prescribe you anxiolytic or antidepressant medications to control your symptoms combined with psychotherapy sessions.

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