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Question for DR, if I were to consume alcohol....for my

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Question for DR DAVID, if I were to consume alcohol....for my 'diet/lifestyle' plan....what would be the top 3 drinks that would be ok for me to consume? Of course I know about avoiding the sugary margaritas/etc......
but....if you were to name off:
2 beers
2 Mix Drinks
If at all possible.....what would you suggest? Hope
My all time favorite drinks before were:
Rolling Rock
Any beer for the most part was sort of good to me Im really not picky as long as its not dark....and then there was this new 'margarita beer' by bud light that came out and tastes delicious................I was surprised that it didnt give me a stomach ache and it was nice that it was beer based with no tequila...however...the last time I drank those...they DID give me a horrible stomach ache...(Which was actually a good and bad in one.......good cause its better to bc they're so sweet...but bad bc they were just my FAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVORITE ever...I LOVE the margarita type drinks.
Mix Drinks:
Screwdrivers = OJ, Vodka, and then I'll throw in a big splash of grapefruit juice
Gin and Tonics with a splash of sweet lime juice
As far as wine goes...I've really only tasted the REALLY cheap versions...hence...the old WTrash Wine Box ;) haha Last night I bought a bottle at trader joes for $8 and it was descent....barely a step up from the 'box' =)
I hope this question is not too much all in one...let me know =)
Dr. David :

If you are going to pick three drinks, you might as well pick your favorites. Dark beers are thought to be a little more nutritious than light beers. And red wine is thought to be a bit more "healthy" than white white. But with alcohol, a drink is basically the same as any other drink in terms of impact on health. The cheaper and sweeter mixed drinks can be considered less healthy than regular fruit juice drinks. Sometimes people crave alcoholic drinks to which they are allergic and this can result in addiction to that particular drink. It would be best to limit alcohol consumption as much as possible though. I know how easily a bottle of wine can disappear once it is opened, and drinking that much alcohol on a regular basis can seriously sabotage a weight loss program. Alcohol is the equivalent of white sugar, or worse, in terms of nutritional value and should be treated as such.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for the wonderful suggestions/advice...So....I guess as far as dark beers I like "New Belgium" = fat tire and "michelob" = amber bock the best. Havent expirimented too much with dark beers...but those seem to be my fav.

My husband is wondering what the difference is between Light Beer (normal people probably thinking that would be the healthy version) vs Dark this case....I mean...if you say dark beer....I will TOTALLY stick to that.... like maybe have 4-6 once a week...."?"

Let me know what you think. Thx. =)

Fat Tire and Amber Bock look like some very good beers. In fact, they both seem "smarter than the average beer".
There's not a huge difference between light and dark beers. But the darker beers have a little more protein, a little more vitamins, and a little more minerals. If you are just having 4 to 6 ounces per week, I don't think it is worth worrying about.
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