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What do the results of my flow cytometry mean? Trying to

Customer Question

What do the results of my flow cytometry mean? Trying to rule out CLL and CD23 antibody was not even performed. Lymphocyte t-cell markers show CD5 moderate 77% & b-cell markers show CD19 moderate 8% as well as CD20 moderate 10% & Kappa moderate 4% Lambda moderate 4%. Other markers show CD38 moderate 55%. For myeloid cells there are no t-cell markers shown & only CD10 for b-cells. Please tell me if this rules out CLL as I will not get to talk to dr for at least 4 days. Thank you.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr Basu replied 4 years ago.
mysticdoc :

The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.

mysticdoc :


Thanks for your question.

mysticdoc :

Based on your results you have B lymphocytosis.

mysticdoc :

For diagnosis of CLL, you need to have enlarged liver, spleen and lymph nodes.

Your absolute B cell count must be 5000 or above.

mysticdoc :

Hence, you do not have CLL.

mysticdoc :

You do have similar antigens like CLL but you do not meet the diagnostic criteria just based on the lymphocyte markers.

mysticdoc :

Best wishes

Customer: I do not know if my liver or spleen is enlarged as I have had pains in those areas, but no scans to confirm enlargement. I also do not know if b cell count is over 5000 as I have not seen that info on any of the tests done. How can CLL be ruled out if CD5, 19, and 20 are present, but 23 was not even tested. In other words, what about the flow cytometry confirms it is NOT CLL? I was told this is the test that will confirm if CLL is/is not present due CLL can be present even with a normal CBC.
mysticdoc :

flow cytometry is not the only test used to diagnose CLL--very important to understand.

CD 23 is one of the antigens--other ones have been tested in your case.

To diagnose CLL, all criteria must be met.

mysticdoc :

Otherwise, this is not CLL.

mysticdoc :

Hence, I am not certain why this test was ordered in the first place for you.

mysticdoc :

In the absence of other criteria like enlarged liver, spleen and lymph nodes, and B cell count 5000 or above, this is not CLL even though you have these cell markers present.

Customer: Can you please tell me what test would show the specific b cell count?
mysticdoc :

that is the test called lymphocyte subset count ( request B cell count).

Customer: Would WBC be high if b cell count was over 5000?
mysticdoc :

not necessarily--in fact wbc count can be low.

Customer: So what needs to be done at this point to try & rule out CLL? My nodes are so painful everywhere.
mysticdoc :

get a CT scan of your abdomen to check out the lever and spleen.

mysticdoc :

Get a B cell count done.

mysticdoc :

Consult with a hematologist.

Customer: Will a CBC with differential show b cell count?
mysticdoc :

no ---