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Question for DR: I have created a "Monthly Meal Planning"

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Question for DR DAVID:
I have created a "Monthly Meal Planning" schedule. My goal is to have this completed by the closing of Sunday. I want a schedule set to where I know what we are having for dinner which day out of the week and if it is something like 'pizza'...home made ;) that it will only be once a month...and to have that day chosen on paper. I want to make sure there is a great variety of food. For instance...this morning we had organic eggs, whole wheat tortillas, organic rosemary ham, onions made into a breakfast burrito. We had it as a 'brunch' item...and we are still both full =) I am wondering though....should I try to keep tortillas down to 1 a week since Im trying to lose weight?
I know its hard to help build a meal planning guide from scratch but I am hoping that with your help, within a month or two I can perfect a great schedule.
I have not yet begun any shakes or blends...I ordered a blender on amazon and it was allll dented in that scenario...I would it better to only have 1 shake per week? that sort of a thing....
Like I said I KNOW this is going to be odd/hard but if we could find a place to start from scratch.... So any tips points etc would be great even if for instance...eating about 1 cup of vegetables per day...sort of a thing.... if you could start be me up with most anything I would be happy...and then I'll create it and as each question through time, I'll post a link so you can see where I'm at =)
Im thinking 5-10 tips pointers would be great to get us started for this question. Im happy with anything.
And thank you so much for all your great effort and answers. I enjoy being dedicated to one professional =)
And I am thankful and count my blessings its you.....not all experts on here practice the same way as one another...some are very bland/boring...not very helpful. However ~ I have made some excellent contacts through time from this website.
oh and also another thought might be to only use cheese once or twice a week.... just recommendations for general staples......
This will help me to dig through new recipes this weekend. Thanks! =)
Dr. David :

Wow, that sounds like an excellent breakfast! Any combination of eggs and pork is an excellent breakfast. For example, bacon and omelets, scrambled eggs and ham, fried eggs and sausage, and so on. There is an excellent recipe called "Huevos Rancheros" which is eggs, peppers, corn tortilla, cheese, and some other ingredients. This is great for breakfast. The occasional tortilla is fine as part of a healthy breakfast. Of course, the less grain products the better, but remember that it is also a priority to have the feeling that you are not depriving yourself too much of anything. I think that you are off to a great start with planning breakfasts. The general guidelines for a meal could include a good portion of a protein food such as beef, pork, eggs, poultry, lamb, fish, etc. cooked in healthy fat. And then add on one or two cups of vegetables, salad greens, or something similar. Then using an interesting spice or sauce to make it more interesting is all there is to it. Adding the occasional grain product, drink, or treat is the final touch. I'm sure that you will come up with some interesting and delicious choices. So here are the pointers: 1) Eggs and Pork for breakfast in any variation; 2) Try something different like "Huevos Rancheros"; 3) Lunch can be beef burgers without the buns, or use lettuce leafs as substitutes for buns and be sure to use plenty of toppings like fresh tomato slices, onions, pickles, mustard, and healthy ketchup; 4) Dinner could be chicken wings coated in habanero sauce with a big salad and steamed broccoli or asparagus; 5) Try to include a good portion of meat, fish, eggs, or dairy, as the main course and then add vegetable or pickle side dishes.

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