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My left upper arm hurts only at night after I go to sleep

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My left upper arm hurts only at night after I go to sleep and when I feel the pain I have to get up and move around for maybe 5 minutes. The pain goes away but then it comes back after I have gone asleep. Sometimes 4 or 5 hours before I wake up again and have to get up. They have done an xray and cat scan and a nerve test and muscle test and have not come up with the problem. It hurts in about the middle of my upper arm. The neurologist said maybe it was tennititis but I would like to know for sure what it is. I have been to my regular doctor and a neurologist. Should I be going to an orthpetic (bone) doctor. Sometimes the whole arm may feel a little different in the day but it doesn't stop me from doing anything. There is no hard pain.
This is what cat scan said. Mild cervical spondylosis. Some uncinate spurring on the right at C3/4
The neulogist said nerves looked good and muscle. (i thought it was a pinched nerve) Since he did that test my whole arm tingles a little at times.
Also did my neck--nothing there except said I had small shotty lymph nodes
Found nothing in my shoulder but did say a linear density in the left midlung felt related to subsegmental atelectasis, possible chronic in nature
I take 800 mg of ibufron but it doesn't nohing for that pain in my arm at night--now it does help the stiffness that I have had for a long time in my joints.
The other thing I noticed about myself before the arm thing is I don't walk a straight line. This arm thing has been going on for several months.

Is there any tenderness where the pain is and does it hurt to flex your elbow, twist your wrist, or move the shoulder, and I assume you had an x-ray of the upper arm?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I can mash a spot and feel a little tenderness in about the same spot as pain but does not hurt to flex elbow or twist wrist or move my shoulder. The xray paper says left shoulder so I don't know if it took in my upper arm

OK. With the studies you've had this is obviously a local problem--something actually going on at that spot. The shoulder x-ray should have captured that area of your humerus so I doubt this is a bone cyst or a possible hairline fracture of the humerus. Which leaves us with the muscle itself and you may have a tendonitis there or a muscle inflammation. Instead of an orthopedic surgeon, I would refer you to a physiatrist--a physical medicine and rehabilitation MD--for a customized treatment program with modalities like ultrasound, muscle stimulation, massage therapy, and, if necessary, a cortisone injection to get this problem resolved for you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks!! I am glad you suggested what doctor to go to. I had ask for an MRI but my doctor has not gotten back with me. So I assume you think the next step should be the physiatrist.

at least that would be who I would refer you to now.
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