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Dr. Jerry E
Dr. Jerry E, Doctor (MD/DO)
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Experience:  1 yr experience family medicine (adult and children), emergency medicine for five years
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I had a pap smear in Dec 2011 to comeback abnormal, was called

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I had a pap smear in Dec 2011 to comeback abnormal, was called in for a bioposy, Bioposy came back fine (Jan-Feb 2012) As a follow up (August 2012) "I had another pap smear ,and got a phone call from the doctor stating I had been exposed to gonorrhea. The thing is I am in faithful committed relationship for over 1 1/2 years, I haven't cheated and neither has he. He got tested and came back negative.
I have no symptoms, but upon discussing with my mother found out that she was being treated for the symptoms of gonorrhea/Trich. She had the symptoms prior to my coming home in late June and was not treated until July. Could I have picked this up from her? I have been told that in order for gonorrhea to survive it outside the body it had be in a warm, moist environment. Since my period was on at the time I was the last person to shower, as a common practice the night before I had place my towel on the hanging bar in the shower. Both my mothers and stepfather took showers before me the and placed there wet towels on the bar actual making mine as wet as theirs. I used my towel and now have this odd result. Somebody help I am going crazy
Hello, this is Dr. E. Greetings from New York! I'm so glad you posted your question for me to answer, and I aim to provide you with accurate info

The short answer to your question is, yes, you could have contracted it from her. Gonorrhea is spread through contact with an infected vagina, penis, anus, or mouth. It isn't the most likely scenario, however, Bodily fluids left behind on a towel could transmit the disease. It is often spread by skin contact- if someone touches him/herself and they doesn't wash hands its possible to pass the infection on this way

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