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Susan Ivy
Susan Ivy, Nurse (RN)
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Ever time I eat I want to go back to sleep even if i just

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Ever time I eat I want to go back to sleep even if i just woke up from 12hours sleep. I dont work so nothing stoping me from sleeping . I am over weight at 350+ off the scales but I still work in yard and mow it ever week

I'd like to ask you what your questions are, so that I can determine if I can help you, but if you are getting sleepy each time you eat, one possibility is that your blood sugar is elevating.

Does this occur with all foods, or only carbohydrates? If you are unsure, it would be helpful for you to start a food diary to help you determine whether only some foods are causing the drowsiness.

Have you been tested for diabetes?

Other things common that can cause drowsiness are low thyroid and depression.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you thats all I need
Well, I'm happy to discuss this with you further.

It would be important for you to see your doctor, so that you can get help. If you have elevated blood sugar, this can lead to serious complications such as nerve damage in the extremities, vision problems, and kidney damage. Medication is a short term answer, and changing dietary habits and increasing exercise is the long term answer (if your problem is found to be elevated blood sugar).

You can learn new ways to eat and to increase your exercise, and you do not have to do a program that is intense as what is shown on TV for example.

Have you been in for a check up in a while?

Would you like any references to reading material about sensible ways to improve diet and increase exercise? This website is really good, and is not for profit, so you will not be asked to buy anything:

I've been where you are, so besides my educational background and experience in health care, I understand how frustrating and easy it is to get discouraged.
I'd be happy to work with you on this, or help you with any follow up questions after you go in to the doctor, if that is something you can do.
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