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Nurse Susan
Nurse Susan, Nurse (RN)
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Ive been getting this sharp like pain in my right side of my

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Hi, Ive been getting this sharp like pain in my right side of my head,abive my ear, a bit back from the temple and a lump is there now, it comes and goes, but now my right eye is starting to blur lightly and flicker now and then, then pain when its bad i cant even function, very painful...I never get migrains or hadaches and this is different. Anerysms run n the family and Im 40 years old, slim build, fairly active...What would be a Neurologist advice here??

I am really sorry to hear you are in such pain. Please understand that online no one can state with any certainty what anything is, all I can do is offer my best guess based on what you've written.

I am really concerned by what you wrote. Your severe pain, especially by your temple, and your changes in vision in that eye are making me wonder if you might have a serious issue called Giant Cell Arteritis. GCA is an inflammation of the arteries, and it most often affects the temple.

It can have serious effects including stroke and blindness.
With your history and inability to see a doctor, I strongly suggest an Emergency Room visit to assess for this and start any treatment needed. If this is GCA, the sooner treatment is started, the less chance there is for a bad outcome.

Any severe headache that has vision changes should be taken VERY seriously.

Here is more information on this topic:\

I hope I was able to help, and that you feel better soon
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi susan,

thank you and that may make sense, I was on Plaquenil for 6 months and recently went off it...I read that may be the cause of it but had to check here..

So if it is that whet procedure do they do, do you know?


Hi Suzanne,

From what I understand, treatment involves a course of steroids at a very high dose. Those also have their risks, but the danger of GCA outweighs them

Testing for it can involve blood tests, MRIs, an ultrasound...the gold standard is a biopsy of the area but often treatment is initiated before they do so if the symptoms match. Thats because it really can be very dangerous.

I hope that helped, please be seen as soon as possible. This is not something that should wait.

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