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Please help, bouts of indigestion, constant burping, dry

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Please help, bouts of indigestion, constant burping, dry mouth, feeling of passing out
Eyes burning and a sped up feeling I'm not dehydrated, I drink water all day long. I'm 38 healthy and active but have borderline high BP. I'm taking 20mg of lisinopril , I guess I'm most worried about the racing feeling and the feeling of passing out.
The symptoms come and go for the last 2 years
Hello JACustomer,

I would like to try and help you but I need some additional information. Could you please explain to me what you mean by the "sped up feeling" and the "racing" feeling to which you refer? Do you feel abnormal heartbeats when that happens? Do any foods make the sped up feeling happen? Any issues with your breathing?

Regarding the indigestion and burping, does it happen after meals? With specific foods? If so, which foods? What makes it worse, and what makes it better?

What does your blood pressure run on the lisinopril and how long have you been on it?

Thanks for clarifying,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you, sped up like, a jittery feeling, heart beat seems normal. BP w/o med is 130/96, with meds 128/88 not much difference. I've been on it for 6 months.feels almost like I'm on speed. I do not do drugs or drink. When this all happens I get flushed in the face and ears. I guess I don't have indigestion, more like constant burping coming from deep down, burping non stop. I went to the doc last year got a blood test, all levels are normal. Is the flushed hot face and ears, burning eyes and faint feeling related to BP
Hello USMarines,

One more question....when you went to your doctor for a blood test, was your thyroid levels one of the things tested?

Thanks for clarifying,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thyroid was one of the tests.the dr ran every test possible, nothing but the elevated BP. His answer to my problem, maybe stress, that answer is him basically saying, he has no clue... I've had the faint feeling, burping, burning eyes, face and ears a year prior to the meds. The constant belching isn't always part of the symptoms. I'm just nervous when I watch my small children and an episode comes on, the dizzy faint feeling. But I never have actually passed out, sure feels like I'm gonna sometimes. These bouts come and go, usually last an hour. Sometimes months will pass before I get another bout. But on they start, it lasts a couple weeks. I've came across Lyme disease?? in my searches, I am an outdoorsman, but don't recall a tick bite. Oh, forgot, 10 years ago the dr said I had sarcoidosis, another unknown thing, I never heard anything about it lately. I'm just so frustrated, I heard sarcoidosis can go away, so I just assumed it did?
First of all, I presume by your name that you are a US Marine. I thank you very much for your service to the USA; I do appreciate it. My computer was giving me a very hard time, that is why my response to you is a bit delayed, I apologize for that.

I hope I can offer you some advice and suggestions here, but please understand that online I cant state anything with 100% certainty, all I can offer is my best educated guess as to what might be happening, based on what you've written.

Its interesting to me that you have a history of sarcoidosis. Even though your last episode was 10 years ago, it can recur. Sarcoidosis is thought to be an autoimmune disorder where the body mistakenly attacks its own tissues on the "belief" they are a foreign invader. Having one autoimmune disease can make it easier to have another. Sjogren's syndrome is an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks the glands that produce saliva and tears. Main symptoms are a dry cottonmouth feeling and dry burning eyes. I am wondering if you may have this. Treatment is largely geared to comfort measures, but sometimes depending on severity steroids can be used.

Regarding that "sped up" jittery feeling and the dizziness, I have a few ideas. I wonder if the sarcoidosis you have is rearing its head again; it can cause some odd symptoms. I asked about your thyroid levels because a hyperthyroid can cause abnormal heart beats and jitteryness, I am happy yours are normal.

You also, I believe, were in the armed forces. If you were deployed to the Gulf area, I wonder if you may be experiencing "Gulf War Syndrome". Symptoms there can be many, and can include dizziness joint pain, headaches....and indigestion. Here is more information on that:

Anxiety should be considered ONLY when all other medical causes have been eliminated. It would be helpful to explain why people with anxiety feel miserable. When people are scared, nervous, anxious, panicky, a whole host of things happens inside them. They breathe faster and their bodies release chemicals called adrenaline because that makes muscles work better and faster. So the heart beats faster, blood pressure can rise, pupils dilate, intestines slow down...and you breathe faster because the body thinks you will need the extra oxygen for a sudden flight or fight. That was very useful thousands of years ago when we had to outrun predators, and it comes in handy every so often in modern days now; women (and men) have run from attackers thanks to the extra energy burst from the "flight or fight" reflex.

But people with anxiety issues don't fight, and they don't flee. They just remain anxious, and so they keep breathing at that fast rate, and often they don't even realize it. That changes TEMPORARILY, the balance of chemicals in the body. And that makes you feel miserable.

The fancy word for that is "respiratory alkalosis" and that what causes the dizziness,
shakiness, numbness of your hands and feet at times. Hyperventilation in anxiety (breathing too fast) can even cause a feeling like you cant breathe, because the cycle runs away with itself in order to correct itself. Slowing the breathing is one way to restore the acid base balance- that is why people with anxiety and panic disorder are told to breathe in and out of a paper bag. They are breathing in their exhaled CO2, and that helps restore the balance. Control the breathing, and thats a long way to controlling this as well. Most people aren't even aware that they are breathing way too fast. Many people aren't even aware that they have such anxiety.

However, all the medical causes have NOT, in my opinion, been ruled out. I do think it would be wise to speak to your doctor about the possibility of Sjogren's syndrome. I do think because sarcoidosis can potentially affect the heart that it would be a good idea for you to have an EKG, and a Holter monitor test (thats an EKG that lasts for two days, and is much better at picking up rhythm disorders. The possibility of Gulf War Syndrome also should be addressed.

Here is more information on Sjogren's syndrome: Tests for it can include ANA and Rheumatoid Factors; both are blood tests.

I suggest you discuss all of this with your health care provider and consider the tests and syndromes I mentioned.

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I'm standing by to hear from you if you have further questions, and I hope this helped and that you feel better soon.

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