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Can I use law to medium dose of nattokinase before abdominal

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Can I use law to medium dose of nattokinase before abdominal miomectomy. I live with fibromialgia for about 11 years, my blood clothing problems have never been confirmed, still I suspect there might be a problem in that area due to a poor circulation of blood in my body. Miomectomy is preformed for removal of fibroid. 

I believe you are referring to a myomectomy which is a surgery to remove uterine fibroids.

Nattokinase is at this time used in alternative medicine as a clot buster and blood thinner. So, it can increase your chance of bleeding. There have been some studies showing that it does have a degree of effectiveness as a blood thinner, but has not been fully evaluated by the FDA at this time. No studies have been done at this time regarding whether or not it increases circulation

Typically, before any type of surgery, it is recommended that one does not take any type of blood thinner, including aspirin.

So, I would suggest that you do not take nattokinase if you are planning on having a myomectomy. Taking it might cause excess bleeding during the surgery, and this could cause you to require longer anesthesia and results in complications.

To improve circulation to all parts of your body, including the uterus, the best thing that you can do is exercise. I understand that this can be difficult with fibromyalgia, but it is very important that you attempt some type of exercise daily, not only for improvement in circulation, but it also builds muscle which is important in decreasing the pain in fibromyalgia. Starting out with a little at a time, is a good way to begin. You will gradually be able to do more over time.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ms.Ivy , to your knowledge, is fibromialgia related to low level of hypercoagualation of blood. Are both conditions, fibroids and/or fibromialgia related to abnormalities in fibrin production? I understand that in healthy people , nattokinase will cause excess bleeding during surgery, does it apply to me..
Yes, nattokinase can cause excess bleeding in you too.

Fibromyagia is not related to fibrin. Fibromyitis was once called Fibritis (first described in 1843) and was thought to be a type of arthritis. Some individuals were thought to have hard spots in the muscles, and these were thought to be areas of increased fiber. So the name comes from fiber, not fibrin which is the protein end product of blood coagulation, formed from fibrinogen by the action of thrombin.
So, Fibromyalgia is not related to hypercoagulation of blood. Fibromyalgia is a disorder that is still being studied, but a large percentage of people presenting with Fibromyalgia are found to be lacking in vitamin D. Studies shown that many with Fibromyalgia have inadequate sleep or have sleep disorders preventing the deep stages of sleep that.

Poor muscle tone from lack of exercise is also found in Fibromyalgia, and improvement is seen in individuals that increase muscle strength and tone.

Uterine fibroids are also not related to fibrin. Fibroids get their name from being fibrous growths that originate from the muscle in the uterus(muslces appear fibrous - just imagine the fiber you might see in chicken or beef).

We also do not know exactly what causes fibroids, although it is in part related to genetics (some people are predisposed to getting them - or it 'runs in their families') Also, alterations in growth factor (proteins in the body that regulated the extent of cell proliferation or growth, and tissue response to injury) have been suggested to play a role in the development of fibroids.)

So actually, fibrin and blood clotting, fibromyalgia, and uterine fibroids are not really related to each other, but all take their names due to appearance of fibers (fibrin appears like fiber under the microscope).

I hope this helps, but please continue to reply if you need any further explanation or help.
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